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2 weeks spare on Pfitz 18/55 (Read 77 times)



    I'm on the Pfitz 18/55, just finishing the LT + Endurance part (7 weeks to go). target marathon is 9 weeks away. So I have a 'spare' two weeks to do some extra training. I started the Pfitz early in case I had to take some time out due to injury, but so far I've managed to handle the volume, been tough though.


    My question is what should I do for the two weeks, i.e. what shortcomings of the 18/55 could I try and address?


    Appreciate any advice...

    Break on through

      It depends.  I might try to add a couple weeks of training that is meant to improve my weakest attribute - endurance / threshold / VO2 max ? -   If I was really worn out, I might use one of the weeks as a Recovery week to be able to start the next phase rested and ready to train hard again.

      "Not to touch the Earth, not to see the Sun, nothing left to do but run, run, run..."


        Thanks for your reply Beat. A recovery week is certainly tempting! In terms of weakest attribute, I'm most concerned with the distance rather than speed. The longest run of the 18/55 is 20mi, tempted to use one of the weeks to throw in a 22-23 miler.

        Sayhey! MM#130

          If you are so inclined, I heartily recommend the plan to get in a 22-23 miler pre-race.

          There's a real authenticity to the glib phrase, "the race begins at mile 20."

          Don't run it for speed, of course, but for endurance.

          It will help your mental state enormously; have you run many marathons?

  (for a piece or two of my mind)


            Thanks for your reply AamosY,

            Absolutely agree. I used the two weeks to include a steady 23 miler and a long (16m) race pace session and felt these gave me more confidence that I was ready. This, and the Pfitz schedule in general, worked. I ran a 2:59 on the day. As you would imagine, very happy with that!

            The Mont Blanc 80k is next on the list...