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First marathon: Outer Banks 2007 (Read 228 times)

    OBX is a well-organized small marathon/half-marathon. No display clocks every mile, slightly sporadic water stops. But water, gatorade, medical and gel support were there. Mile markers were sign post mile markers, but weren't always highly visible. 50-ish at the start. The Sound was beautiful. Nags Head Woods--mud/sand covered road for miles 8-12. "Quick" trail run for 1/2 mile. Somewhat brutal on the ankles. Good spectator support through mile 20. Picked up some Biofreeze for my legs at that point. The most brutal hill was at miles 22-24--the Washington-Baum bridge. I'm guessing 150 ft rise in 3/4 mile? I walked a lot of the uphill--but the scenery made the loss of time worth it. Spectator transport was a little erratic, shuttles were a little confused--but we pretty easily got where we were going. I would highly recommend this marathon, but I'd recommend treating it like a small marathon.

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      That sounds really nice--gotta love that weather! How many folks ran this? The first year Grand Rapids was run I think it was a pretty small turnout. Last year was year #2, I think, and there were around 1k runners--this year it was ~2k runners doing the full. I plan to run it next year...I hope they cap it at 2k, as parking was not nearly so easy this year. k

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        It sounds like a really fun event. Congrats! I know a girl from another forum who works at a restaurant that feeds the pre-race carb loaders. I guess they were super busy. She watched the marathon the next day and had such a great time she wants to run it next year! Big grin
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          Good spectator support through mile 20. Picked up some Biofreeze for my legs at that point.
          Biofreeze rocks. The only decen topical ointment. got me through many runs incuding my last marathon! Dave
            what does biofreeze do?
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              It's like Ben Gay - but not as stinky.

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                From the official results: low 44'F, high 53'F. NW wind 8 mph, 18 mph gusts. 948 finishers in the marathon division (at least 1250 registered) I'm thinking that the half was near 2000 people, but they started near the 13 mile mark at a separate starting point and joined the marathon course just past halfway. They also started at 7am vs 7:20 for the marathon. One other thing that makes me classify this as a small marathon: the food immediately at the finish was peanut butter bagels and gatorade. There was a public marathon festival that had mostly pay vendors with music... I believe Coors Light and Bud were providing their product "samples" for free. I didn't partake of anything other than some gatorade and the shuttle back to the car. Of course, this time of year is great at the Outer Banks for tourists b/c even during the marathon weekend, restaurants were just barely full. We've had zero wait for restaurants since.