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Add your marathon maps? (Read 238 times)


    Hey Folks... consider adding maps of your favorite marathon courses that you have run/plan to run. If you don't feel like mapping the whole thing yourself (personally, I enjoy it.. a nice way to prepare for the big day), perhaps someone already has? Smile

    Go Pre!

      Some may even find theirs already mapped online. I am am about to search for mine now.


        just added Honolulu Marathon (my first one) map..Kicked my butt in 06..rematch this year will hopefully be a lot better.
          Just put up the map for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I ran it with my Garmin, which tabulated 26.5 miles. When I mapped it here, it was even longer. Don't feel so bad for just missing my PR anymore - turns out I probably beat it with room to spare.