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Is this a bad idea? (Read 441 times)

    I don't have any formal speedwork in my marathon training plan (Vermont City, 5/24). I reserve a day for harder workouts but hadn't planned on any track work or anything. But my running club has a weekly track workout and they invite me frequently. i got some gentle urging Saturday night. The guy who runs it is a coach. Real nice guy too. Here are a couple sample workouts; the workout varies each week: The workout will be: 600 meter builddowns (3 sets of 2 x 600 meter runs) with 3 minutes active rest Descending Ladder with negative splits (1,000, 800, 600, 400, 300) 10 x 400 with 90 seconds break Any thoughts on doing this once a week when training for my first marathon? There are different experience/pace levels so I won't be forced to run beyond my ability. Is it worth it? I've been debating the value of it for a while and I get mixed opinions. Some say it will help turnover so I can get faster. Others say screw it, run more easy miles. Confused



      I think the reason why people caution against speedwork when training for a first marathon is the idea that you might get injured or burned out. You don't say how long you've been running, but I think it's a great idea to go to track workouts, even as first timer... They're fun and all you have to do is not allow competitiveness get in the way of a good workout for yourself.

        Looks like our mileage is close. For me, every time I ran hard track work, I ended with an injury. I concentrate on tempo and MP work now. Only once per week. Ask the coach what he thinks. My trouble is I'm too competative and can't hold back when running with faster people. If you have this issue too, then I would suggest waiting for the hard track stuff so you can stay healthy. My 1 cent.

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          If it were me I think I would skip those track workouts and stick with the MP / tempo stuff. I'd rather enter a few races than do the intervals. Races will also give you a good idea of your fitness level, which will help with a pacing strategy for your marathon. Another one cent for you.


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            I agree, skip the track workouts, do tempo runs instead. However, not an expert...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!

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              You've confirmed my suspicions. I don't trust myself. Tempos, fartlek and MP runs sprinkled in to the current schedule is what I'll stick to. And I am adding a couple races between now and May.