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How is everyone's training / planning going???? (Read 592 times)

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    I am 16 weeks away now - Marathon date is May 27 - in Ottawa. It was time for new shoes and since I am an under pronator, after several good reviews I was inspired to try out Saucony ProGrid Triumph 4's. After 2 runs with them, (6k and 13k) I have found them to be all that is promised. A plush ride with great neutral support. It has also been absolutely freezing here this past week but I have sucked it up and got out there for all of my runs. It's never as bad as you think once you are a mile into the runs Smile Hope everyone is doing well!


      Well my planning is going great. I am planning on running the Bizz Johnson trail marathon in October. Will sign up on Tuesday. I think I am getting 5 running buddys to join me on traveling from AK to CA. We are hoping for under 4:15 times. First though I am planning knee surgery this month and after a 6 week recovery if all is in order I will have well over 18 weeks to train for the marathon. I still dabble in running some slower runs and probably will until I need to stop. I am looking forward to training and getting back into those longer runs. Thanks for asking.
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        2 !!! weeks away! I walked Friday and today, and am going to slowly run 2-3 miles starting tomorrow. My quad (muscles) in 1 leg are still a little bit tender, but I took the past 2 weeks off to try to heal the leg; I need to get the muscles going again. I'm busy getting my marathon gear and nutrition collected (gel, Succeed electrolyte caps, fuel belt, new mini Ipod shuffle)...confirming airline flight, race registration, car rental, motel....collecting info on sight-seeing to do (from the car with no walking needed)... and trying NOT to get the flu that is going around! Always the nerve racking part---waiting for the big day.
        Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado

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          Horribly. January was supposed to be the start. So far, I have barely been able to run. Between fighting off 2 head colds, knee issues, and back issues, I think I got to do maybe one week of running.....

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            Horribly. January was supposed to be the start. So far, I have barely been able to run. Between fighting off 2 head colds, knee issues, and back issues, I think I got to do maybe one week of running.....
            Not to worry Scout - your mileage base is good enough that soon you will be back up to speed!
              I think I'm okay - two weeks till a half and then about 7 more to the full (we're running the Diamond Valley Lake marathon course in Hemet, CA but on our own date!). I will mainly work on building up weekly mileage along with long runs. Got my favorite marathon buddy along for the ride so we're gonna do great!! I picked up some new shoes, too, and am trying a new model since I was kind of sick of not being able to find my favorite Asics and having to buy the new model for almost a hundred bucks each time. Been breaking them in around the house so not sure how they'll be yet!
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                I've just started my 18 week plan and everything is going OK, except for the weather. Here in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin, the high yesterday was -4. All I've been doing is running on treadmills and on indoor tracks, so I would really like to get outside. Bought the Mizuno Wave Rider 10 about a week ago and they're great so far. Jim
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                  Greetings everyone, Glad you started this thread daddyo. I just looked at when my marathon is, and its 15 weeks away. So i´ve been busy looking at training plans today (off work today, too cold -22c). I´m planning on going with a Hal Higdon training schedule but i haven´t decided on which one yet its either intermediate I or II. Anyhow proper training starts this week. good luck to everyone with their training and or their big day.
                    Completed week 1 of 18, successfully! Had an awesome 6 mile run Saturday. My current shoes, which have been a problem is the past, are great. I know I need to go easy, get the miles in, and not let my competitive nature cause injury. 11 weeks till HM, 17 till RnR. Being in San Diego, I feel for all you out there running in sub freezing temps, and inspired. Gives me motivation on those days where I don't feel like running, knowing that there are many who are running in spite of the conditions. NO Excuse, lace em up and go!
                      My friends and I are about 4 weeks into our 21 week training program. Last night we had our longest run yet (8 miles). Before that the farthest we had ever run was 6 miles the week before. The run went great. I almost feel bad saying that we missed a run because of the cold, when there was a wind-chill of about 30-35 F. Especially after reading what some of you other guys go through. Normally we run indoors on a track at the local Y. I cant imagine running in 32 degree weather, much less 10-20 degree. About 16 more weeks and we willl also be on our way to San Diego for our first marathon!


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                        I don't know. I'm still undecided about the LA marathon, which is coming up on March 4th. With some traveling I haven't been able to train very much since my half marathon. So I guess my answer is that I don't know how it's going?!!
                          So far so good with the training. I'm still debating on whether I want to run a half in April or not but the marathon isn't until October... feels so far away! Plenty of time to do plenty of running. Big grin

                            Well my first marathon isn't until November, so right now I am just training for a 10 miler at the end of March. I think it is going well. I have been able to run conistently, am slowly increasing my mileage, and my endurance is improving. I started doing hill workouts once a week on the treadmill, which I think is really good for this, since you have such good control of time, speed, and incline. I run 1 mile as a warm-up, then do [1/4 mile at 2% incline, 1/4 mile at 0% incline, 1/4 mile at 4% incline, 1/4 mile at 0% incline], and repeat until the run is over, for a total distance of 5-6 miles. Does any else do hill work-outs on a treadmill? What type of incline patterns do you run?
                              Two weeks until my marathon (March 4th) and I'm starting to wind down. Last week, I broke my toe (it was only my pinky toe), but it cost me a week, and it was the Wednesday after my 20-mile run, so it was really saddening. So now I'm working back into it, getting one more 15-miler in, and then chilling until March 4th with like 5 milers on grass or trail every day. But I am suuuuuuper excited Big grin!!!
                                Tina, Good luck with your marathon on the 4th! It's very exciting when you've put in all that work and the day finally arrives.
                                Fortitudine Vincimus - "By endurance we conquer,"