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Willa's recipe for home-made "Gatorade Endurance" rocks! (Read 661 times)


Princess Cancer Pants

    She posted it here Did my first 20 miler of this training cycle and finally made this stuff (I had previously been bringing 20oz of standard Gatorade with 4 Endurolytes capsules emptied). Not a hint of cramps. I kept expecting them, as last time it seemed they would start to whisper around 16-17 miles or so. But nothing this time. No spazzy feeling tightness...nuthin'. Hubby's gonna share this recipe with the JDRF cycling fundraisers that he hangs out with. Finding palatable electrolytes on their long training rides and big fundraising ride is a biggie for them. Plus this stuff is dirt cheap to make and the limitless flavors (my first batch is grape)...added bonus! Big grin I used 2 TB of the prepared powder/20 oz. bottle. No stomach issues. Hopefully this will hold true at race effort, too.

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    Go Pre!

      Yes, that was one of the rare threads where you said 'Ohhhh' Big grin

      Go Pre!

        On a less sarcastic note, I forgot gels today and cash, only 2 small bottles of water. I finally stopped in to a St*rbuck$ and refilled my bottles, one with water, the other with water, 2 packets of sugar, honey and a packet of salt. Got me through.

        All business

          Wow, that's real close to the one I make myself. I've been using: 1/4 tsp NaCl (table salt) 1/4 tsp KCl (called salt substitute) 5.5 to 6 tbl sugar a sprinkle of Kool-Aid fill to 2 quarts with water. It definitely tastes better after a run.

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