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    The Richmond Marathon I will be runninging in has lots of water/POWERade, energel gel, and junk food stops: "Water stops will be positioned at the start and every two miles until Mile 20, then every mile thereafter. Diamond Springs water and POWERade will be available at every water stop on the race course. Energy gel will be available at Miles 14 and 20. Marathoners looking for an extra burst of energy in the waning miles will want to make sure to hit the Junk Food Stop at Miles 16 & 22." My question is, can I rely on this drink/food provided by the race? Or is it a good idea to carry my own supplies? Should I worry about these supplies running out of the pack since I will be a back-of-the-packer? I would like to run as lightly loaded as possible. What do you guys carry in the way for food and drink? Where do you put it? Thanks!

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      Supplies should last right to the back of the question is what else is at the junk food stop? Burger and fries? sounds yummy!~ I like to go with nothing on my body for long race and make use of the race provisions. This way I am as light as possible....I need all the help I can get!

        Yeah, if it's a well-prepared marathon, then they should have plenty for all. My only caveat is that I've heard that at large marathons it can get really crowded at the gel-handout stations (since there are only a couple of them). If you think you won't want to slow down to get a gel, then maybe you want to bring your own. (I generally use gel earlier than 14 miles and more frequently than they are supplied, so I always carry my own anyways). Definitely no need to carry water or Powerade (unless you really want some other sports drink). With hydration every 2 miles or less, you shouldn't have any problem getting plenty, even in the largest pack. By the way, if you're not already, you might consider training with POWERade and energel so you're used to it on race day.... and yeah, what is the Junk Food Stop?

          Thanks for the tips! Regarding the junk food stops, from the Runner's Work write-up: Along with the typical water and sports drink stops, this is probably the only race in the country that offers junk food stops, at miles 16 and 22, stocked with Gummy Bears, cookies, and soda.
            Go read - you'll find lots of horror stories about aid stations running out of sports drink or gels late in the race. I've never seen it myself, but I always carry a couple Gus (or have someone waiting with some), just in case. Finding yourself at mile 18 with no fuel would truly suck. For what it's worth, you can fit one emergency Gu in that dumb little front pocket that's in just about every pair of running shorts.

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              Ugh...Jake...I had work to do tonight! Although I have visited Marathon guide before, I went back for a perusal and lo and behold, I have pissed the night away! Thanks for the reminder Smile
                I would not rely on PowerAid as my replenishment drink. It is nothing more than glorified cool-aid. If you want to use the PowerAid I would supplement it with e-caps or some other electrolite replacement. When running marathons I carry at least 4 gels or 4 packs of Jelly Belly Sport beans plus I wear a belt with 4 seven ounce bottles of GatorAid. Most events are well organized but you don't want to be 1/2 way done and find out you need something and can't get it. Take you own.