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Sun Trust National Marathon in DC (Read 390 times)

    Somehow, I signed myself up for this race. It will be exactly 3 and 1/2 months from my last marathon, so hopefully all the important parts stay attached to the end of the race. Course looks pretty fun, weather should be ... And unlike Marine Corp, it's 100% run in DC limits. Any other suckers who care to join me for this?


      I'm in, Tom. Bunch of RA'ers running the half has well.

      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

      IronMan ;)

        I ran the full last year, and frankly did not enjoy it much once we crossed over the Anacostia river, into "Blightland" that while technically in the city limits is not what most people think of as Washington DC. I am running the half this year the half does not cross either river and stays inside what most people think of as DC.

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        Swim 2.4 miles.
        Ride 112 miles.
        Run 26.2 miles.
        Then brag for the rest of your life.
        -Commander John Collins, Ironman Triathlon creator

        Oh Mighty Wing

          I'm running the half.

            I'm running the half.
              I'm running the half.
                I'm running the half as well.