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Favorite pre-race foods? (Read 407 times)

    I know different foods work different for everyone, etc..... But I'm curious what people like to eat the night before and morning of a marathon?
      Here's what I do: Night before: pizza, spaghetti, bread Morning of: bagel, juice. No drinks within two hours of start. Good luck in your race!

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        The night before I usually have this pasta-shrimp dish that I like and that is really easy to make. Morning of I have an English muffin with a little bit of peanut butter and/or a banana.
          my last 2 great races I attribute to pizza the night before and pizza and red bull the morning of. Aren't you sad you asked? it used to be red bull and funyuns but I needed more umph.
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            This is encouraging actually Big grin I've been eating a ton of sugar this week- craving candy and cookies. I was getting a little worried that my diet wasn't optimal, but that's been lessened a bit Smile I love pizza and have had it before long runs without any incident, so I'm glad to hear others say pizza too. Of, course pasta sounds good too. As far as breakfast, I never really eat more than an energy bar before running in the morning. I'm thinking that won't be enough. I will try to get up early enough to get a bagel or some oatmeal in, and then have the bar once I get to the race. Thanks everyone... keep the ideas coming!!
              When in doubt, pizza. As for the morning of, I'll eat a bagel with peanut butter and a banana.


                Bottle of gatorade 90 minutes to 2 hours before with a raisen bagel. At my one and only marathon I had a jelly donut. Looking back they were probably for the volunteers but at the time I thought "if they're putting them out, they must be OK." Very strange Blush

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                  Night before (12 hours prior): pizza. Morning of (3 hours prior): Bottle of Ensure, coffee, banana.

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                    Night before: Pizza, lots of water Morning of: Banana, cereal bar (yogurt), little bit of coffee, water



                      Night before, it depends where I am at. If I have to hit up a restaurant, then I'll usually have some sort of pasta or Italian dish. When I ran the Pisgah 50k, we stayed with some friends and cooked up some meatloaf with a large salad on the side. When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, we stayed with different friends and made chicken parmesan. I'm pretty easy going about what I eat the night before; I figure it isn't so much what I eat as how often I eat in the week leading up to the race, and most of my snacking is on things like pretzels and bread. The morning of the race, I'll have cereal or bagels or eggs or all 3 usually. I might eat something like a powerbar or something similar before the race while I'm standing around. I tend to overfuel rather than under fuel - I have an iron stomach and don't cramp easily and I hate running out of gas.

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                        It's interesting to read everyone else's so I thought I'd add mine. Night before: pasta with chooped up tofu and marinara sauce + salad. Morning of (3 hrs + before): Protein Plus Power Bar, diet coke, water Opposite of Blake, I think I tend to underfuel in the morning but I loathe having food in my stomach while running and prefer it my way. I don't think the Diet Coke is good but I'm addicted and will get a headache without it. Blush
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                          Night before: pasta, or chicken curry with brown rice. Morning of: gatorade (orange, always orange), a banana and, sometimes, an apple cinnamon breakfast pita.

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                            Night before: pasta w/ marinara sauce, bread, lots of water. Morning of: grits w/ plenty of salt, cup of coffee, a banana in the car on the way; a bit of gatorade or a Gu pack 15mins before.