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    Hi All- I posted this in answering another thread and then saw this one. I am currently base building before training startes for marathon #12 (and 10th sate). My running mileage has gone down and my times and weight have gone steadily over the past 3 years since we adopted our son. As I said, I am currently building a base in hopes of kicking off a strong program this summer. I have started off pretty good in training for last 3 marathons but didn't have the base there and ended up sick, injured, or just dropping back from the program due to weariness- so this time I hope to have my weight back down and my miles back up and turn in a good showing in Richmond.

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        Just joined here. Have made some posts on the low HR training group. I am now training for my 2nd Marathon (London next April) Did my first in Dublin 06. It was a slow one 5:19 walking the last 8 miles. Training got really disrupted. But i learnt a few things and can hopefully put things right for my second attempt. Currently at the base - stage just building up the miles Hopefully see you around

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          I'm planning to do Grand Rapids next Oct. I know I can do it...I've had several people look at my mileage from this year and ask why I didn't do it this year. But I want to know that I've done enough training and this year was too busy with my son not yet in school full days until this Fall. Training time should be easier to come by in '08. k

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            Hello everyone. New poster and new member here. I'm already registered for a half-marathon in June and I have my eyes on the Marine Corps Marathon in October (both will be uncharted territory). I'm completely unprepared and woefully out of shape but the long, slow journey began about a month ago. I ran track in college so I can appreciate some of what's ahead but even then I was a middle distance runner that had issues beyond eight miles and that was over a decade ago. My brother just ran a sub-four hour marathon and it was a pretty special event that I'd like to experience. I've been really impressed with this site, both its functionality as well as its community so it's great to be a tiny part of it. All the best.

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              Hi, I just finished my first marathon - Milano City Marathon - on Sunday. After many health problems this year a great conclusion of my season! And, of course, a great experience too!!! Although not everything went as desired ... Now I'm planning for the next one in spring 2008. And I hope that I can learn from your experiences. I learnt a lot during my training and my race - but anyhow my own experiences are still very limited ...

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                Ooh ooh ooh! I just joined this group! I've run 11 marathons (if you count my 50k which had a marathon in it) in 10 states. That means that I'm 20% of the way towards all 50 of them. They are fun; I haven't planned out next year yet past the ING race in Georgia at the end of March. I am running that one despite the organizational issues that they had in their inaugural year last year because the RRCA is holding a class for their coaching certification, which I plan on getting. I enjoy marathoning specifically and running in general, which is why I just started a business that opens its doors in January that is centered around them. That and being able to claim my travel costs and marathon fees as business expenses is nice...

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                  Hi! Just joined the group. Can't wait to be a marathoner. First one is April 6, 2008! Big grin Sara

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                    Welcome! Blaine, you will be a great addition to the discussions and questions posed here! Sara, good luck with your first big M!
                      new here! just joined Smile I've run one half marathon so far and working on base building before I start really training for a full. I haven't gotten a great idea of which marathon I'll be running yet next year but I'm looking... Mara
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                        Okay, so I'm a little slow and not just with running. I've been using RA for over a year now and just stumbled across these user groups. Oh well - better late than never. I've only done one so far (Marine Corp this past October) but am signed up for the National Marathon in March. Would love to eventually do one outside of the immediate area, but I'll have to wait until I have to funds to cover the travel expenses. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's marathoning adventures!


                          I've only done one so far (Marine Corp this past October) but am signed up for the National Marathon in March. Would love to eventually do one outside of the immediate area, but I'll have to wait until I have to funds to cover the travel expenses.
                          I ran Marine Corps this year too! It was a lot of fun, and I can easily see myself going back in a few years to run it again.

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                            Hi, I am suffering from Marathon Madness, and glad to join this mob. I've run 40 marathons and 2 50Ks. The first one was the Silicon Valley Marathon at the end of October in 1998. The next one will be the Rock 'N' Roll, Arizona Marathon on January 13, 2008. I'll be leading the 4:15 Marathon pace group. It's only the second marathon I've run as a pacer. I don't run very fast. It took me six marathons to break 4 hours. My PR now is 3:29, run last October at St. George. My last marathon was Tucson, early December, in 3:31. After RNRAZ, I will run the Sedona Marathon seriously racing, but it is not a PR course.

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                              I haven't gotten a great idea of which marathon I'll be running yet next year but I'm looking... Mara
                              Hi Mara! I went back on forth on where to do my first marathon. I kinda wanted to go somewhere for the added incentive of making a mini-vacation out of it. But I also wanted to do one close to home so that I could sleep in my own bed the night before and more importantly, have my friends and family be able to come out to the race. I live in Northern VA and decided to run a marathon in DC/Arlington as my first. It was great to have my friends and family out there to support me. Seeing them on the course was definitely a boost to my spirits. Keep us posted on which marathon you decide to do. :-)
                                Hi Runners, At this point my plans are hazy so far as what marathon I will run next and when. What I do know is that my training will geared towards getting my self in position to have a chance at my goal of running one more sub-3 before I’m finished. I will have a good idea what my chances are in a few months after I put together some good training and have had a few races. At the beginning of this month I ran my first in 14 years, finishing in 3:09:09. I’m fairly confident that I can beat that time, but a sub-3 might not be realistic. I had some races this year at 10k, half marathon, and 30k that projected a time in 3:01-3:03 range, but it will be very difficult for me to top those times again this year. I will turn 62 in February. If I can run one under 3:05 I will be satisfied. I was not as prepared as I could have been for the one I just ran. I got a false sense of security after having a good 30k race, but really didn’t have enough long runs to go the full 26. It was like cramming for the final. I ran my only 20-miler 2 weeks before the marathon and right on the heels of that hard 30k, then registered for the marathon (CIM) the day before the race. The last 10k was a major struggle and recovery has been very tough. You are never too old to stop learning, and hopefully I learned something from this experience. The marathon is a real beast and I have renewed my respect for it.
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