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    Greetings! I am ready to run my second marathon, which will be the first marathon since my back surgery 14 months ago! My only goal for this marathon, and really any marathon is to just finish. I am not a competitor, nor am I a fast runner. I run for the fun of it, and because I meet some wonderful people along with way. My plans for 2008 are to run two marathons. My first is one week away at DisneyWorld, and my second is the LaSalle Marathon in Chicago. My only fear for Chicago is that I will have to train in the grueling Florida heat and humidity Cool. I wonder if the weather will cooperate in Chicago this year? Hmm, with my luck, it will be 20 degrees and snowing Shocked ! Thanks for reading!
      Hi all, Done 3 marathons previously, PR of 3:42 but am all set for the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia on July 6 this year. If things keep going the way they are at the moment it will be my best preperation ever for a marathon. Going in with an aim of breaking 3:30. After that I am considering the Melbourne Marathon in October. If any of you ever get the chance to come down to Australia for a run they are both quick, scenic courses and I recommend them. Good luck all Hank

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        Hi everyone, I'll be attempting my first marathon this fall at Grand Rapids, MI. I've been running since April of 2007 and am currently running around 30-35mi/wk. I've joined this group so that I can learn from the experienced folks on what to do/not do as race day approaches. I've been running long enough to know that step one is to RUN OFTEN. Looking forward to hanging out w/everyone! Q

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          Hello all! I am just finishing up training for my peak race on saturday and I am already thinking about my next 6 months of training for my first marathon. I plan on doing the Baltimore marathon first, goal being to just finish. Then based on that time seeing what could really run in my second marathon, which will probably be either the MC or the Raleigh City of Oaks.

            Howdy!!! Can I join too? Gearing to start training for my second marathon. The Chesapeake and Delaware run fest! anyone heard of it?? Wink My first was Philly and I'm looking to improve...duh! thanks Karen Big grin

              Hello. I recently signed up for my first marathon (Philly). I'm really looking forward to it and hoping to get a decent time. I guess I'll have a better handle on how I might do once I get to my half-way point in training. Right now I'm still base building.

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                Hey all! Im doing Houston as my first marathon in January. My goal is sub 4 hours. I hope to learn a thing or two from ya'll.

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                  Hi All! I'm doing my first in November! But not in Philly as it would seem since i live outside of there, but in Nashville at the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon. I'm excited! I'm in week 1 and it's going well!!!

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                    I've been meaning to look up this group for awhile as I have known since...January I think that I was indeed going to train for Portland, now it is T-10 weeks so here I am!

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                      Hello everyone, I am currently training for my 2nd marathon the Detroit Marathon on Oct. 19th. I completed my First in May the Bayshore in Traverse City Mi. 3:51:09 I would like to wittle some time off from that and possibly BQ (3:30) on my 3rd sometime this winter if all goes well. I hope to gain some knowledge and maybe even give some of my own here Larry

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                        Hi all, I am training for Long Beach, CA which will be my first marathon. So far, so good. Long Beach is my home town and it will be fun to go back and see all the familiar places. The marathon goes right through my old university. Should be a good time. Best, Jill
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                          Hello! I am running my first marathon in January 09, the Houston marathon. I don't really have a specific time goal...right now I just want to finish and stay injury free; although a sub 4 hour time would be icing on the cake for me. Later! Mike
                            Hi, I'm "graduating" from the Half marathon group to the Marathon gorup Wink. Planning my first marathon for the Spring of 2009. I'm wait-listed for Boston but will run somewhere else like Vermont if I don't get in. Running some easy miles right now and hitting the weights while I get rid of some aches and pains that came on after my half marathon on October 12th.


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                              Welcome!! & Good Luck!! Smile
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                                OK, it's time to get off my @ss and run another marathon, so I figured I would join the group. I ran my only one in 2007 at Steamtown, and am shooting for fall 2009 for number two. I'd really like to shoot for a BQ (3:30). We'll see how the training goes. Right now I am coming back from a case of shin splints. I should be able to get back over 40 mpw in January, and would like to get a couple of 200 mile months in before starting marathon training.