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Taper pace and race prediction help!! (Read 268 times)


    Hello. I'm training for my first marathon in london this year and now in the taper. I've really enjoyed the training, feel really good. Lost loads of weight and now injury free. So quite excited. I'm 42z I maxed at 35 miles/week with my 20 mile runs at 10min pace. Under 3 miles I do at 8min pace 3-6 miles 8.30min. I did a half last year in 2.01. But that was before I even got decent trainers and a watch. I feel much more serious and prepared now.!!! I So what time can I expect on the big day? Any ideas? I have one reasonable run to do this weekend. Was thinking 10 miles But at what pace? 10min jog? Or up it to use it to predict my mara time? Or practise a Marathon pace (somewhere between 9 and 9,30)? Any advice greatly received. Anyway. It's been a great experience, not boring at all. christian

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      This might give you a good hint at what you might achieve: 


      Looks like about 4 and a half hours might be a good goal for your first one.

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        thanks stadjak,

        Yes I think Im going to start at that pace, it I feel VERY confident at 20 I might up it.