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    I just finished a 26.6km race today. Mostly small hills and trails. The plan was to see how I'm doing before my next marathon in 3 weeks. I thought I was in real good shape for it, but completely died after ab. 20k. So it was a looong and slow finish. Ok, it was quite hilly at the end, but still. Seemed like everyone was passing me before the finish line. Whad happened? Well, I think this was a wake-up call for me to NOT start out too fast. The average was 4:35/min, but I happily trodded out in 4:10, even had one 3:58 after a couple of km's. Glad it happened to me now, before the marathon. I'll for sure go out not faster than 4:30. Perhaps even 4:40 - although I do aim to finish at ab. 3:15. I thought I was smarter, but nope... Tongue


      Peder, even with the slower finish, it looks like you ran a great race. For a 3:15, it would put you at a 4:38/km pace so I would guess that you're in great shape for that time. Going out at 4:40 or even a few seconds slower for a couple of km's wouldn't cost you that much time and would give you a good chance to really warm up and sounds like a good strategy. When/where is your marathon?

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        Maybe I should have taken your advice this morning! Half Marathon: 1:39:51 1st 6.5 miles 47:47 2nd 6.5 miles 52:05 Missed a PR by 1 minute 30 secs!
          Thanks Dave, well yes I shouldn't complain too much I guess. I mean - that long a race would have to be a bit tough in the end. And yes, I think that 4:40 in the beginning would be a good strategy. If I am in shape for a 3:15 it means I can take the missing seconds during the race. If not - well then at least I tried Smile The marathon is on Sep. 21 in Odense, Denmark. I really wanted to run the Berlin Marathon a week later, but the wife said no - with 2 small kids it would have to be closer to home. But it's allright, I can do Berlin next year she says Smile Starting out too fast I think may be the most common mistake among runners?


            Probably. But if you don't start fast enough, you may never know what you're capable of. I think it takes quite a bit of practice to get it right. Beautiful country up there in Denmark. My wife and I were married in Horsens Big grin

            I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


              Yeah, I have a serious mental block on this. I constantly have a positive split and tell myself to take it easy the next time - and I can't do it! I think my logic is something like your comment dgb2n - If I feel good, then go ahead and push it. You never know what you can do. I love passing people heading into the finish, but if I have that much energy left shouldn't I have used it early on? Practice, practice, practice I guess!
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                I was told by someone that the best way to run is to keep accelerating. But of course, if you can keep doing that then you never know how fast you could have been. What I do know is that a while ago I just couldn't get any faster on a danish mile (7,5km). Until a friend said to take it more easy in the beginning. From then on I just kept on setting PR's! I think the trick is - as Dave indicated - to aim for an end time, and then set the pace for it from the start. Because it is lethal to start too fast, but not too slow - you can always use up your energy. But if you start too fast you may run short, and then it really gets tough. No But to do that you'd have to follow Jayvils advice I think, because you have to know what you aim for. Horsens is a fine place, the wife has some friends there. Famous in DK for hosting great concerts Cool

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                  I thought that for a marathon the best thing to do is to run the first 10K as fast as you can to shake off and discourage all your competition, and to make sure you get to the water stations early, and then to treat the remaining 20mi as a recovery run. But I'm not sure how that translates to a metric marathon...

                  It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

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                    And one should wear a fanny pack, take a GU every other mile, drink a cup of water every other step...what are the other rules for a successful race?

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                      walk through all water stops. wear a sign on your back with the name of who you are running for. High five the crowd.

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                        Run, or walk, shoulder to shoulder with six or seven other people running for your charity group, like it's a parade and there aren't people behind you trying to pass. Oops, I shouldn't have gone there.

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                          Just got back from Odense. 3:20:45. Not a PR but decent I think. I'll lose some weight and take Berlin next year Smile