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What do all you long distance runners do for chafing of the inner thighs? (Read 1006 times)

    I'm not a big guy but also chafe after 4 or 5 miles. I use Body Glide now and you can buy it @ Olympia and it does not stain your clothes.

      I really like a product called "Blue Steel".   Doesn't stain clothing like Body Glide and lasts and lasts (a little goes a long way).  Smells good too! Smile



      I do use Body Glide on my feet before races.

        I use Aquaphor.  Essentially like Vasoline, but I like the little squirt tubes it comes in.


        For nipples, I have a box of little round band aids.  My wife likes to make fun of me when I forget to take them off. Smile

        Mostly harmless

          For really long runs I use nu-skin on my nipples and that never fails. Body glide down south and between my toes. 

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            Body Glide.

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              Diaper cream


                2 in 1 compression shorts.  They look like regular shorts but have compression shorts underneath.  Much better than the usual liners.  Body glide for whatever the compression shorts can't fix.


                  I just use the cheapest solid stick of deodorant I can find. I put it wherever I might chafe, which is usually on my back where the top of my tights or shorts hits and underneath my sports bra.


                  It works great and it's a lot cheaper then name brand Body Glide or Anti Chafe products Smile

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                    Great ideas; I also carry a tube of chapstick--it's small, and you can use it as lube.


                    Also-if it's a hot day, start by using the chapstick just above your eyebrows, as it will help a bit with keeping sweat out of your eyes.

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