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Anyone else cutting back or taking a break? (Read 434 times)

    To make matters worse, I hit my little toe on the leg of a chair in my house. It hurt but not that bad, so I just thought it was a bruise. Then I went to the doctor's on Friday and the xray showed that my toe was broken in middle. I had tears in my eyes when the doctor told me his diagnosis. He said I wouldn't be able to do the 2.5k ocean swim at Enoshima this weekend, nor would I be able to do the Sado half ironman in early September. The time necessary for healing 1-2 months! This year, I am going to take a break from racing, and take it easy. The day of the Enoshima ocean swim race, I got a call from my sister in South Carolina that my mother was admitted to the emergency room for a severe infection. What I want to say to everyone is don't push it to race when you don't feel like it or have some sense of apprehension. My bread kitchen is finally set up and it is time for me to concentrate on baking, not triathlon training. There's always another race, and another chance next year!
    Lee- I am sorry about the broken toe. I broke mine 3 weeks ago today and have only been running some shorter miles. I have not done a long run since breaking it. I think I am about to the point of trying a longer run now. Did the doc tell you not to run at all or to tape it up and try it when you thought you could?

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      Alan, which toe did you break? I realize now that the little toe is very, very important. I have to go for another xray this Friday. All the doctor did is tape it and he said that I should not run or swim. It hurts to bend my toe. I can bike though, but not for long -- at least I have a shoe for protection. My friends going to the Sado Long Distance (2k swim, 105k bike, 20k run) on September 2nd were bummed out when I told them the news. We have been planning on this race all year. The time limit for the race is incredibly generous, meaning I would have tons of time to finish the race, but I think with every 1k of the 127k race, I would be doing more damage on myself. Also there are two killer hill climbs on the bike course which would require usage of my little toe -- I don't think I would survive the final run, even by walking. I rode my road bike down to Kamakura & Enoshima on Sunday to watch the 2.5k ocean swim race and cheer for all my friends. It was just a 25k ride but by the time I got home later that day my left foot was throbbing with pain and swelling up again. Walking on the sand in my bike shoes, also even riding with my left foot bike shoe cleat released from the pedal starts to hurt after a while. That's good to hear that you are running again after 3 weeks Alan. I was still thinking of a marathon in November, but now, I think next February or March looks like the smartest choice to make now. I will probably be able to swim and bike first which will be just fine. Another thing I have come to realize is that my body has it's timing to reach it's peak condition. I race better during the cooler months, late fall, winter, and during spring, but not well during summer. I look at everything now and think that I was pushing it thinking I could do the Sado race. You live and learn!

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        I broke the little toe on my right foot. I took a few days off and then it was only short runs. I was hurting but it was tolerable. I still have some pain but the discoloration is finally leaving and the swelling has most gone away so I think it is about ready to go for a longer run. A week after I broke it also went out on the bike with out too much discomfort but I didn't try any swimming. I was afraid the kicking motoin in the water would push the toe too much. Good luck- hope you are back out there soon!!

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          I've really been slacking. It's all sorts of reasons, the heat, nagging injuries, lack of motivation. Maybe I overdid it the first half of the year. If I want to make a serious attempt at BQ this Fall I need to get going.

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            It's okay to slack off Perfesser! I think everyone needs a complete break sometimes. Alan f, my left toe was broken diagonally right below the first joint on my toe. The bone is finally setting and healing now. No bandages or anything. I don't feel any pain most of the time. The doctor said not to run or swim until the end of September or beginning of October. I have one more xray at the end of September. I am still bummed out about not getting to do my 2.5 ocean swim race and not making it to 127k long distance triathlon, but the free time I gained gave me time to bake, do some much needed serious housecleaning and reorganize my garden. This was alot of good exercise too. The funny thing is that even without exercising for over one month, my body weight hasn't changed at all. I don't have any panic attacks from not being able to exercise. But everytime I see a roadbiker or runner, I get excited and think to myself, just wait, Lee, you will be out there training again soon. My plans were to do the Kawaguchi Lake marathon at the end of November to BQ, but now I have decided to postpone that for another year. I will not do any racing until next March, Shonan Marathon. I want to give myself tons of time to train and not be under any pressure. For the past week I was watching the World Track Championships being held in Osaka, Japan. It was a joy to watch the Americans win so many medals.

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