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Motivation where did you go?? (Read 306 times)

Oh Mighty Wing

    My motivation ran away!!! I've been running steady since June. Longest run is 10miles. Ran a 10K in December. Was all amped up to start training for my half in March. But my motivation ran away!! I think there are a couple things at work: 1) no winter running clothes besides tights yet - makes for cold runs where i have to work hard to layer, 2) need to plan all of my runs and 3mi is easy to find but 5+ takes serious effort and then I have to try and remember where I am supposed to turn to get the mileage I am looking for. and 3) a little bit o work/school burn out Christmas will hopefully help: DF (dear fiance) is surprising me with a garmin and the fam. is surprising me with winter running clothes. Hopefully this will alleviate some of my running has become too much like work feeling. Does this sound like it's a temporary thing? Any suggestions for keeping motivation high? Oh I'm also just re-introducing meat back into my life because I found I had NO energy and I think it had to do with low protein. Another thought: Could I be going to fast? Before my 10K my avg. min/mile pace was 10:30-12 but my 10k i finished in 1:01:13 and since then I've been running 9:30-11. I mean it's nice to go this fast but I am not trying I just get out and run comfortably. Could I have burned out by going to fast? Sorry this is such a ramble, but I wanted to provide enough info to help you be helpful and well my thoughts are pretty scrambled on the subject! THANKS!!!
      Well, did you get the winter running gear? That will help alot. Yes, I find it very helpful to schedule every one of my runs. I'm training for race in April and have every training run and the specific type of run scheduled. Then after every run I'll go back and log in the actual distance and time. If your not already using the running log on this site, give it a try. I run on a trail that has a 5K route marked. I use this trail for nearly all my runs. It's a looped course so I can make it a 3 miler, 6,9 whatever I need. Do google earth and find your city and mark off your runs. You'll know exactly (close enough anyway) the distance of the courses. Remember the joy of the know this through your own joy of running. Take that joy, put on your running gear and head out the door. Good luck and let us know how it's going. ETA....I just took a look at your running log. You're doing great.....just get some winter gear and get back out there. The hardest part is just tying the shoes and getting out the door. You know you're gonna like it!
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      Princess Cancer Pants

        I think it's entirely normal and even GOOD to have periods where motivation is low. Sometimes this is our brain's way of protecting our bodies from injury, I believe. But appropriate gear DEFINITELY helps make running more pleasant, too. Last year I spent a lot of $$ outfitting myself for everything from 90 degrees and humid to windchills of -5 (I started running in March of '06). This year I've improved the comfort of my runs by investing in shoes that have removable spikes for ice and snow. These things help get me out the door when weather is less than ideal. The meat thing may be something. Even if you are getting enough protein, iron is important. If you are anemic you will likely feel pretty run-down. You could still be vegetarian/vegan if you are getting iron (from a supplement?) and plenty of non-meat protein. Don't underestimate the way the stress of the holidays can beat us down, either. All that stuff going on, family stresses, change in schedules, poor diet...they can all really mess with the way you feel. My recent runs have been garbage due to a combination of things. Man, I cannot wait to get back home to my own bed, healthier foods (ie no more cookies and booze), and my MIL gone. Wink k

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        Oh Mighty Wing

          thanks for your reply's!! I got the winter gear and it made a huge difference today! I actually overheated a bit on my run!! WOOHOO!! I felt so much better after the run and i'm excited about tomorrow's run! Evryday - I have every run planned, but not what type of run yet. Well actually that's not true. I'm attempting Long, easy, hilly, easy. (with days off or cross training in between) We shall see if I can stick to it! Zoom-zoom - oh the $$ i've spent hehe. I keep telling myself it's a one time thing, but it never is! Big grin And yes stress probably had an impact as well as not eating enough of what i needed or enough in general. I'm not a big eater so cutting cal's while increasing distance might not have been the smartest thing i've ever done. SO maybe my body was retaliating by letting me get through my race and then blocking my motivation... haha little does it know i'm back with a vengeance (and a fork!)
            All righty then, let's get this new year rollin'!
            Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM

              If I could offer any suggestion to you it would be this. Develop a plan and set concrete goals. This will give you more motivation to get out, especially in the winter. Looks like you are racing some and that is good. Look for something to do in the spring. Tell people what your plans are. They will get excited for you and you will in turn get pumped. Most of all, make sure you are having fun. Don't forget to take a look around and see the beauty of your world. Keep us updated on your progress. DB

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              Imminent Catastrophe

                Good to hear that you got some good winter gear, it makes a difference. One more thing--scheduling your runs is a great idea, but if for some reason you don't make it, don't beat yourself up too much. If this thing turns into an ordeal you will burn out. Keep it fun. OK, two more things-- You are probably running too fast. The vast majority of running miles should be no more than 70-75% of max heart rate. You might be surprised how S-L-O-W that is. In my experience it is very, very slow. IOW, keep it nice and slow, you are still in the aerobic training zone. A heart rate monitor might be a worthwhile investment too. You can still train at your race pace on occasion but it should be a very small part of your overall running. Too much, too fast leads to injury, burnout and disappointment.

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                Oh Mighty Wing

                  Thanks DB! I am actually doing the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in April. Have my training schedule all worked out and everything!! I am super excited!!
                    I am actually doing the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in April.
                    I ran this last year and it was the longest distance I had ever run in my life at that point. It was a good course, not many hills and there was enough support along the way (people cheering, water, gatorade etc.). I'll probably run it again this year, if my friend that I ran it with last year runs it. As for motivation - I know that with me it comes and goes. Right now it's out the window, but this is because I have been insanely busy without a break, ohhhhh and all the junk I've been consuming non-stop (I'm a cookie addict). Tonight I'll force in a run and with doing that I'm hoping to have my motivation step back in place. This might sound odd....for me, water plays a HUGE part in my energy level. If I don't drink plenty of water I drag all day long. If I keep up on my water intake I have so much more energy...and I feel healthier which then helps support my motivation. I know this because I tend to go hours without a drink and then wonder why I'm sluggish, but on days when I do keep up with drinking water I don't feel sluggish. Might be all in my head, but I won't argue it since it works for me. Smile


                    Oh Mighty Wing

                      Mississippi I think you might be onto something with the whole water thing! I just bought a new water bottle (with straw) to keep with me at work and when I am good about it I feel better... now if only i was consistent with it! Roll eyes Oh goodness The half is in March not April! duh! Anyway, I'm glad you had a good experience with it! Now get out there and run that motivation back into place! Big grin