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Am I stupid? (Read 601 times)

    Bah. Somehow just lost a big post.


    Anyway, I'm planning on running a marathon October 24th. I havn't been running a whole lot, but didn't have any trouble running 36km at about 5 min/km one morning with a buddy's training group on the other side of the country during my vacation, even though I'd been a little hung over.


    I've got  a time goal (qualifying time for WMG in Brazil next July) for another marathon next spring, but am kind of thinking that even not trained to a peak, it might be worth it to run one before trying to meet a time that mcmillan puts as almost exactly my projected time from my last half.


    I'm planning the most detailed schedule I've ever attempted, with 6 weeks hard and 2 week taper, running a half 5 weeks before the race at my goal marathon pace.


    Comments welcome, including insults.

      This is a message board, filled with all kinds of semi-anonymous entities. So, I'm kind of surprised that nobody commented on this one yet.


      Anyway, I don't think you're stupid. Somewhat ambitious and too dependent on natural resilience, maybe . . .


      What I mean is, I know where you're coming from, and good luck!

      Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.