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Piriformis (Read 344 times)

    Man, I have a marathon around the end of September... and for the last two months I've tried hard to recover from this piriformis stuff. This SUCKS! I'm running the Big Sur Trail Marathon in five weeks, and I've had to take the last two months off (running). Anyone have good advice or experienced this kind of thing? I’m stretching the heck out of my hip / butt, I use Tigerbalm, and I’ve taken it easy for a while now. What else can I do?

      My right side flared up last year. It was annoying for me because it seemed like it would never go away. I dug around online to find some specific stretching techniques. I increased my stretching routine before, during and after my runs. I iced the area afer running. Driving definitely aggravated my site. Now I never drive right after a run. While at work, sitting at my desk causes the area to tighten up. I do some stretches in my chair and try to walk around more during the workday. Eventually I ran through it. I think it took a couple of months.
        I started dealing with piriformis right before the RnR. I was totally sidelined for most of the rest of June and July, missing the SF marathon. I am just now recovering and getting PT 3 times a week. Massage and stretching helps but more so, working on my core muscles is making the biggest takes the strain off the piriformis. I can totally empathize and hope you can recover sooner than later!
        Jennifer mm#1231
          I had a bout with piriformis a couple of months ago and the thing that helped me the most was working a tennis ball into the area of pain. Sounds crazy, but it worked. Here's a website that explains it: Also, there are some stretching exercises that help. The one that I like the best is depicted in Fig 20 on this website: I now do this stretch before and after every run. Good luck!
            Thanks for all the info! I've taken a break from running, I've stretched, used Tigerbalm, and now I'm going to try the tennis ball. I need to start running again though... I'm really hoping this heals enough for my run at the end of the month. Thanks again for responding.

              This might help you visualize the stretches.
                That helps... even though I had an idea of what the stretches looked like. It's always nice to double check (and more so when the pictures are descent to look at). No offense, but who wants to look at a dude stretching… well, maybe women do (but I even have my doubts there). I just figured out something… my core muscles are pretty strong, so I was thinking that can’t be the reason. Then I realized, a fractured rip in the front, and three bruised rips in the back (all on the same side) have caused my oblique to become fatigued and strained. Funny thing is, that is the same side with the hip and Piriformis problems. I’m wondering if I’m stuck with a lot of pain until my ribs and oblique heal… I should probably stop grappling… this kind of sucks.
                  Ran the race nice and slow and enjoyed myself. I think I healed just in time.