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All I want for Christmas is a new marathon training plan (Read 236 times)


    All I want for Christmas is a new marathon training plan.  Here are the ideal components:


    16 week plan

    Peak mileage 40 - 45 mpw

    4-5 days of running (ideally 4 days running, 2 days CT and 1 day rest)

    Some speedwork but nothing crazy - maybe some mile repeats and MP miles & tempo

    Flexibility to run some 10ks and halfs as part of plan

    Flexibility to accomodate my work travel schedule (more cross training or treadmill on some days)

    I'm considering working with a coach but I don't know if that would be someone local or virtual

    I'm not reading a freaking book - just give me the plan, ideally in Excel or calendar format

    I've been able to lose 15 lbs using Weight Watchers and training for Houston at the same time.  I plan on continuing to lose weight which is why I'm not signing up for 45+ mpw - yet


    After Houston my next marathon is Ogden.  My goal for Ogden is 4:20 - 4:30.  After that, I may switch to Pfitz 18/55 to work towards a 3:55 BQ.

    Houston Marathon 1-13-13

    Rock n Roll St. Pete Half 2-10-13

    Gasparilla 15K 2-23-13

    Armadillo 10K 3-9-13

    Ogden Marathon 5-18-13



    The Goal:  Boston Marathon 4-20-15

      It sounds like you know what you want and have some experience. How about you make your own plan? Work back from race day plugging in the long runs and other planned events and then fill in the rest. Feel free to deviate as needed.


      This site has an excellent Training program tool that will populate your calendar for you. Take 10 minutes to set it up and you're all set. You can go back and edit as needed.

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        I used Hal Higdon for my first couple marathons.  Basic training strategy,  easily modified/personalized, and free!

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