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Mileage advice this week (Read 547 times)

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    So, still babying the achilles in my right leg. Today I made it to 6 miles, barely felt it at the end, did stop, however, trying to decide mileage for rest of the week. Any advice? This is week 2 for the injury. Improving slowly....slowly is key word. Well?

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      I think you're just going to have to feel this one out as you go. Sounds like you're doing a pretty good job right now. Yes Arla

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        Slow is good. Ice baths helped me. Trigger point therapy finally fixed it for good. Worth a look.

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          Take a chapter from my company's favorite mantra: "Our plans will develop as they unfold."

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            so how are you feeling??

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              Did you run your marathon as a training run? If the answer is "No, I raced it," then slow down. Your easy pace is equal to your marathon pace and that is not good. If you did not race your marathon, then other things like mileage need to be looked at. If you slowed down, not only would your body recover, but you would gain more speed over time.

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                This little excercise has worked wonders for my achilles... Stand on a step so must of your feet (ankles) are hanging off the step. Lower all the way down (like a stretch). Then using the GOOD leg and a bit of hip action push youself up to your tiptoes on the bad leg trying to use it (bad leg) as little as possible... then take 80% of the weight on the bad leg... use the good leg only for balance... lower yourself slowly down to that stretched... as low as you can go position... repeat 10 or so times... Supposidly the controlled eccentric contractions help stretch the tendon out. This really helped... I did this early in the day when I was running later ... or before bed on days I ran earlier... And as stated.. ice after the run definitely helped...

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                  Thanks guys, lots of good advice here. I did break down, went to primary physician, he didn't even look at my leg, referred me out (I go to specialty doc Monday). I think since its been since Jan. 12th, it should be better by now.??? He did give me prescription anti-inflammatory, this has helped IMMENSELY. I'm actually getting runs in without pain. However, tomorrow is true test, supposed to go 8-10 for 1/2 training. Wish me luck. Still icing, will try the stair stretch, thanks!

                  "I think I've discovered the secret of life- you just hang around until you get used to it."

                  Charles Schulz