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    Will be next May 10th I'm in the UK so entered the ballot for London alas not successful though not too disappointed found myself in Pen 9 (at the back) this year could not get into my running properly but ran praticarly all the way reduced my PR from 5:19 to 4:36 so happy with that But my dream time is a Good For Age time (and automatic qualification for 2010 and races like Boston i believe) of 3:45 So thats a 51 minute PR i would need to pull out the bag (Don't laugh) 2007 was a bad year lots of niggles and stuff could not get into training without disruption. 2008 has been much better just focussed on aerobic miles no specific training longest run 18 miles. So is it realistic i can achieve my goal (sorry log is not up to date) ran 206 miles last month which was my first month (after a summer of 5kms) building up my miles again before starting a marathon plan in late Dec/January Any thoughts
      Pammie, Which marathon are you doing? I would say it is possible.. just... with a lot of training!

        Hello Purdey The marathon is in Halstead (near Colchester Essex) well organised by all reckoning from what i've read about. A lot less runners than London theres a 750 limit so won't be as crowded
          Pammie, If I recall correctly the Halstead and Essex Marathon is rather undulating. A difficult choice for such a large PR.... how much training have you been doing? Purdey. PS. Why don't you come and join our UK runners group? I can promise you a very friendly welcome and lots of lovely people!! Click here:

            Hi Purdey Yes it is on the undulating side. Mt training this year has been very consistant 30-40 mpw since London and since September have raised that to 50mpw with no problems at the moment 1 long run a week and 1 quality session rest general aerobic runs will go and click that link thing Smile