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I have a confession... (Read 538 times)

    oh, I am SO jealous! I'm gonna have to check out Tristen, thanks! I like music I can sing to/understand the words. I have a few Jimmy BUffet songs and James Taylor on my playlist too. Yet, I totally love a good rap song. I'm just complicated like that. Blush
    Jennifer mm#1231


      you should..i think she's actually from San Diego and so you can probably catch her shows before she gets too big for small venues (like Jack). I'm complicated like that as well...i like the understandable lyrics with simple music, but i also love complicated music with no words (e.g. Explosions in the Sky, check it out, it will change your life). BTW, if i'd live anywhere in California, it'd be San Diego, well maybe Sunset or Seal Beach too...
        Life's a beach, you got it right girl... try to keep your HR under 146 for all of your regular runs. Smile i'm doing that now too. i have been doing it all along but i'm being more careful now than before.
        hey, I tried this today. I set my garmin to alert me when I hit 147...I was ok the first half and then I just got bored, and got into my music. But I still finished 9mile with an average hr of 148 and an 8:22pace, so that's cool!
        Jennifer mm#1231

        keep running.

          sheesh at that rate, boston is a no brainer for you girl. Smile whooo hooo happy dance for you!!!
          running until I hit 1900 miles for the year. whether fast or slow I will just run.
            Walking breaks. I use to never, ever take them because walking was for wimps. I added the breaks training for my last marathon and I'm a convert. Iit really does help break up the longer runs and speed recovery (ok, guessing at the last one, but it does help break long runs into manageable chunks). I only take these breaks for my longer run when I'm trying to go a bit slower. Walking every mile helps re-focus your brain and you from speeding through the workout.