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Yyteri marathon report (Read 241 times)

    First of all let me take this oppurtunity to formally introduce myself, Hi my name is Paul, i´m an 36 year old English bloke married to a young Finnish lady, living in Finland. I started running about 18 months ago. I´ve been using RA now for 4 or 5 months, I´ve posted a few times here and there but mostly I´ve been lurking in the background, reading some of the very interesting threads on this site. Ok, on with the report... Yyteri marathon is my local marathon, it basically a 2 loop course around my local neighbourhood. I ran my first half marathon here last year, which really got me into running. The weather was sunny 16c and unfortunately it was a wee bit windy and was forecast to get stronger. There was around 150 running the marathon and 250 doing the half. The half marathon-lot started 50m infront of us marathon folk. The start was at midday, off we go. The first couple of kms is up a small hill which i ran a little fast, i got carried away with the crowd. Then we turned onto the cyclepath and into the headwind (grim). I continued at the same pace and started running with a youngish girl in her 20´s. We were keeping a good pace, still running into the wind, around 8km i lost her and was left to run alone. At this point i was started to get annoyed with the wind and stopped looking at my watch to keep pace, i just ran how i felt from this point on. Luckily around the 11km mark the course turns heading back toward the start, oh joy tail wind for about 10km. At the 20km mark the marathon mob breaks from the halfers do a little loop around a village and back to the cyclepath to start another lap. Another 10km into the wind, which was even stronger now (bugger). I was happy when the course headed back towards the start again. The wind had took alot out of me at this point. I looked at my watch and figured out that even if my pace dropped to 6 mins/km i would still roll in around 3:45ish. So i decided to ease off on the pace a bit and just cruise to the finnish. Finally I made to the finish with a time of 3:41:02, knocking 17mins off my PB Big grin. Not a bad days running considering the weather and all. A big kiitos (thank you ) to everyone here on RA. Its a very helpful and motivating site. Cheers guys. modified to add... feel free to check my log, I´ve put my 5km splits there.
      ps. good luck to everyone who´s got a marathon soon, daddyo spindr lifesabeach and twtiger.

      Go Pre!

        Nice race report ET. Inspiring that you had the determination to push through the winds and maintain a 5:15 pace. I am gunning for 3:45 next weekend *fingers crossed on the weather behaving!*
          oh wow! CONGRATS! you did AWESOME!!! Those head winds can be SO discouraging but you toughed it out, WTG! and I'm glad to see the Int II worked!
          Jennifer mm#1231
            Thanks for the kind words. It was a very tough race but i´m very happy with the result. My legs are not feeling as bad as i was expecting today. Hopefully be able to get back to running tues or wed. Hope the weather is better for you next weekend Daddyo. If you take it easy on your first marathon, you´ll almost guarantee a PB in your next one. Yep i´m happy how Hal´s int II worked out. I was a little worried at first with running 5 days a week but after awhile it fells quite easy. Hope it works out for you too Lifesabeach. I´ve just signed up for my next marathon. Helsinki City Marathon . Its going to be my biggest marathon yet. Got any tips on how to handle the crowded start. I think there should be around 6000 people. All the best, Paul