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    Thanks for visiting and joining our little (but getting larger!) group. Let's hear from you Smile Dave
      Hi! glad there's this new group! I'm running my 3rd in about 6 weeks. Lost Dutchman near Phoenix. This close to goal, this is the intense portion of the trainig; I've completed my 16 mile run last weekend, after 2 weeks of fighting a bad cold. Looking forward to my 18 and 20 miler in the next few weeks. I could use advice on nutrition, since i don't have that down to a science yet, so I'll start a new thread for that. Confused
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        Thanks for taking the initiative by starting a marathon group, Daddyo! I'm a relative newbie to marathon running... I ran my first, Chicago, in 2005 and then two more (Mad City Marathon and Chicago again) in 2006. I wasn't planning on training for another this year (my work shedule is getting much busier) but I don't think I can help myself! So I'm thinking about doing Madison again this spring or perhaps some other April/May marathon (within driving distance of Chicago). If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Big grin

          Hi All, I will be running the Richmond Marathon in November. It will be my first. Daddyo, thanks for setting this group up! Smile
            Hi Everyone, First of all, thanks to Daddyo for starting the group, it will be fun to hear how everyone does over the next couple of months. I'll be running The Mad City Marathon (Madison, WI) over Memorial Day weekend; it will be my third marathon. Assuming that I stay healthy (which is a big assumption) I may run the Lakefront Marathon (also in WI) in October. Just curious about everyone's goals for time. I'm old and slow, so I'm just hoping to break 4 hours. Jim
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              Just curious about everyone's goals for time. I'm old and slow, so I'm just hoping to break 4 hours.
              Hi Jim, I'm old, fat, and slow!, and seeing as this is my first marathon, I just want to finish comfortably. I am guessing it will take my 5:30 to finish, but this is just a guess.

                Thank you Daddyo for making this group. I had joined the omen group and disappointed when it didn't take off. Looking forward to this group. I'm planning to finish my first full marathon in May, and boy does it feel like its really seem like a long time away.
                  Hello all, I´m planning to run 2 marathons this year, Yyteri (Finland) at the end of may and Kankaanpää (Finland) in october. I ran my first marathon last october in Kankaanpää. It was cold, windy and with a little sleet/rain as an extra bonus, but i managed to finnish with a time i am very pleased with 3:58. I also recieved a small trophy for completing my first marathon, which was a nice touch. Before i ran my first marathon i thought it was going to be a long run and now i know it is, i really enjoyed it and looking forward to my next. Paul
                    Big grin Just planning to lurk and dream about my first marathon. This fall, perhaps.

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                      Hi All! Glad to see the great response to the group. In answer to your marathon time goal I am hoping to do under 4 hours in may at the Ottawa Marathon and of course, any sort of improvement this fall in NYC. Just got back from my second run today as I ease back into the longer distances. I am joing a Running Room Marathon training group at the end of this month. Should be helpful for my first full marathon. cheeers dave

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                        Hey hey. I'm pretty much set to do Baltimore again, and debating on the rest.....I might take part in the Trail Triple Crown in Newark, DE to some extent, and also the Pocono Mary in May. Still torn on doing Philly or not.
                          Hello All, 1st Marathon, 27th of May, Edinburgh. Ran 2 HM's last year and just had to go for the BIG M!!! Excited about the run and looking forward to the Goodie Bag at the Finish and the feeling of that long awaited cold beer of success bubbling down my throat!! Good on you for setting this up Daddyo. Good luck folks!! Smile
                            Hoping to do my first marathon this year. I am not shooting for any specific finish time, Right now I am in for the experience. I am not following any of the pre-made plans. Read a lot of them and made up my own but even that is evolving depending on how fast I progress and how my body responds to the workload. It's been an interesting journey. Ewa
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                              I started training for my first marathon two days ago. Havent been much of a distance runner before now, so I dont have a goal of time in mind. My goal is to run and finish and Ill be happy.


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                                Hi everyone, I am considering running my first marathon in March. I started running to train for a half, but since there's a marathon in town just a month and half later, I'm just hoping to continue the training for a full. If I don't do it now, I'm afraid I won't ever. I have always said I'd never be able to do a marathon. I don't have a goal time, of course, just want to finish!