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So, what's your shoe? (Read 249 times)

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    Hey marathoners, please share with us what you wear for the long run. I went from Saucony ProGrid Trimuphs (went through 4 pairs) and am now about to buy pair #3 of Asics Gel Nimbus. I love the 8's, I bought a 2nd pair right after I started wearing I wish I'd bought a dozen as the 9s don't feel as comfy but I will probably stick with 'em.
      Right now I run in Mizzuno Wave Alchemy (8th ed.) and Pearl Izzumi SyncroPace. I like them both but tend to use the Mizzu's for long runs. I have a wide foot (almost too wide for the PI's), mild pronation, and a medium arch. I used to run in Brooks Adreniline but decided to try something new.
        Originally... Wave Rider 9s (didn't like 10s)... I have Asics 1120s in my rotation, but I'm just using them to slow the wear and tear on my good shoes: Saucony Trigon Ride 5s.

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          Well...I have been trying in vain for the past year to find more than one model of shoe to rotate, but I think I am SOL. I have no less than 4 models of shoes that have not worked for me. So I think I'm pretty much going to be a NB 902/903 gal for all distances. I must say that I am a bit nervous about such a lightweight shoe for the marathon, but I've gone up to 15 miles at a pop in the 902s without a single maybe it will be just fine. My biggest problem is my stupid wide feet that seem to be hyper-picky about stability and flexibility of a shoe. Most shoes I've tried are too stiff in the forefoot and make my arches cramp up. I did really like the Saucony Progrid Guide...a lot, but the high heel tabs did not get along with my left achilles. I draw the line at pain and blood from a new shoe.

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            I've been racing in mizuno wave precisions (I have a pair of 7s and a pair of 8s) that I use on the roads and have been racing my marathons in. Most of my long runs over the winter were in my inov-8 roclite 315 shoes since (a) I was running trails, and (b) they had screws in the bottom. I've got a pair of Mizuno revolvers? Revolutions? Something like that on order. I saw my Mizuno rep down in Atlanta randomly and had him hold some aside to give to my local running store owner in Boston this past weekend, so I'll find out on Thursday if they remembered. If so, I'll try a long run in those and if they feel all right then I'll be racing in those in my next marathon. (Racing flats.)

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              Long run? Brooks Adrenaline. Race day? I have replaced the Grid Tangent 2s with Mizono Wave Elixirs and New Balance 902s. I train in both ad decide on race day which pair wins.

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                I've been running in NB 1223's for at least 2 years. Well I started with 1221's, then 1222's and now 1223's. I've recently started considering getting a lighter shoe for races. My problem is my flat feet which makes me nervous about switching shoes. I wear super feet inserts in my running shoes and I have custom orthotics that I just can't get used to running in but I wear them in my everyday shoes. I think I'll visit the running store this weekend.

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                  I did my first 3 marathons in NB's (couple pairs of 992's and a few pairs of 767's) Moved to ASICS trail shoe when i ran a trail race, and now i'm wearing ASICS street shoes too. After seeing this tread though, i'm going to have to try on the Mizuno Waves.

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                    I have heard good things about Mizuno Waves. I hesitate to switch though, especially after getting to like the Asics Gel Nimbus'


                      Got the mizuno wave revolvers last night from my mizuno rep, and did an easy run in them. They were comfortable. This weekend will be a longish run with a few 6 minute miles thrown in, and if all goes well next week is the marathon in them. They are very bright.

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                        Saucony Pro Grid Ride. LOVE these shoes! No more ITB problems from too much support! Yay!!!!!!!!
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