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Go Pre!

    Post Marathon - I took 3 full days off, no exercise except for walking a bit. My thighs felt back to normal this morning but my knee still feels a bit sore. So I went for a swim to get a workout in. Afterwards I hit the treadmill to see how the knee felt but it was a bit too sore to get inot it. I ended up doing 2 slow K's and headed for the weights! I really hope it gets better soon as I am itching to run!
      First off, very well done on Sunday. A cracking time and one which I'm jealous off!!('cos underneath all my "I'm not bothered about the time, just a finish" talk; I really wanted sub 4 for my first marathon. Know what you mean about this itching to ge going stuff though. All that tapering and waiting and feeling lethargic and bloated and heavy legged, a big blast on Sunday and then nothing again! I ran 4h 22min at the weekend and I'm gasping to get back into it. My muscles feel about OK and stairs aren't the chore they've been for the last few days but I can feel that my knees probably aren't keen on running at the moment. I didn't do my high mileage runs exclusively on tarmac so they've had a bit of 'shock therapy' running the Big M! Don't want to chance it so will start off back on the beach me thinks. Seem to have been bitten by the bug too. As again despite my immediate post-race "never again" talk, now that the lactic acid levels have subsided I just want to get back out there and run for a time rather than a finish. You've got another race lined up haven't you? I'm now looking for something else to run this year that isn't going to cost the earth for me to get to. Will hopefully have somehting lined up soon so I can get cracking. Also while I'm at it, I read your race report and I think you (and your wife) are setting a great example for your kids. If in time I can achieve the same with my one year old I'd be delighted. Well done!

      Go Pre!

        Fluff, how about a full race report. Always interested to hear how we're all doing Smile By the way well done and a sub 4 is in the near future for you! Dave