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    I'm going back and forth with walk breaks. I do them late in my long runs and they don't hurt, and seem to help. How early do I need to start them. I know Galloway's suggestion is to start way early. How well does this work for you all? I typically have ran the second run of duathlons and the runs on Tri's with walking for a few minor seconds at water stations. Thanks for suggestions and personal opinions. I like reading other people's perspectives due to what works for different people.

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      If you are in a marathon, I'd lean towards doing them early. My experiences with walk breaks late in a race haven't been good ones, though. Generally, I avoid them. In training I might take some when running in a group so that everybody has a chance to catch up (or this past weekend when I slipped on some rocks and came down hard) but I don't tend to use them during my races up to marathon distance. (I walked the steep hills in the 50k.)

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        If you do them, then do them all throughout. I only walk through water stations and toward the end (not voluntarily) Tongue

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          I wouldn't have been able to complete my first marathon if it weren't for scheduled walk breaks. When you are doing walk breaks you need to do them from the very begining. I know this is hard when you have the adrenailne going but later in the race it will pay off for you big time. The thing that kept me on track with walk breaks is I set it up as an interval in my Garmin 305 so it would beep every time I was to walk and beep every time I was to run. It takes the guesswork right out of it. Eventually I would like to get into good enough shape (ie competitive) and not use them but if or until I ever get to that point, I'm holding on to my walk breaks.
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            I do 'em...they are short, but I do them regularly. On shorter distance runs of 3-4 miles, if my route is flat and my pace easy, I may not take one. However, some days it's so tough that I feel like I should be taking run breaks in betweeen my walks Wink Anyway, without those little breaks, running just isn't very enjoyable to me when pain, leg weakness, fatigue etc start in. Personally, I've seen as big, ig not bigger increase in fitness than I recall having when I was both younger and running constantly. That's just me.

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              When I train I don't take walk breaks at all. In the race it depends on my estimated finish time. If I know I am not going to break any land speed records, I take walk breaks at the aid station, if I am trying to beat a time, I don't do any walking. I should also add, for Big Sur, if I see something, I will stop. One year whales were off the coast, last year Condors were flying around the Bixby Bridge. I stopped to watch them. I also run a 20 miler in Bishop CA, that is a cranker, non stop go for broke....

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                I take walk breaks, cause that's easier for me when building mileage. Plus I run with a dachshund who tends to stop and sniff / dig regularly. In a race, I leisurely walk through aid stations, chatting with the volunteers. Then again, I'm a back of the back packer. Usually one of the last 10 people to finish. Maybe I shouldn't chat so much?

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