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3 weeks to go & my leg hurts (Read 239 times)

    I’m suffering an injured thigh - most likely a quad strain, from previous experience and research on the net. I’ve been resting it all week, do the RICE, massage, and heat therapy. My marathon is in 3 weeks, and I will do it, because 1) the pain goes away after the first few miles and 2) the $$ invested already for airline tickets is non-refundable. The question I have for you all this: What is the minimum taper training I can do at this point, with 22 days left? I was scheduled to do a 20-mile this Saturday, but my 18-miler two weeks ago went really well, and I’ve trained before with 18 as my max. So I don’t mind missing the 20-miler, although I was going to verify that my water-gel-Electrolyte capsules worked for me without major stomach problems. Do I to continue short slow runs while it still is bothering me? or wait another week and see how it feels? What is likely to happen if I do no runs for 2 more weeks (for a total of 3 weeks off) and then a week of short training runs just before the marathon? Thanks for any advice/opinion you offer - I respect all of you fellow marathoners/ultrarunners, and know that you all will understand this dilemma facing me.
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      I would personally take at least another week off before resuming. If it's still bothering you now, you're more likely to aggravate it more by pushing it. that said, I just accompanied a guy who'd hurt his calf 3 weeks before his first marathon (doing a half) and missed his longest run, basically didn't run until the marathon, and only was able to run 1/2 way and had to walk the rest because his calf seized up. Pros: he did finish Cons: 6hours, 49 minutes. Say no more there. So, it would seem from that example that taking some more rest but making sure to run if possible at least the week before to get the muscle back into use would be advisable. Can you do some form of cross-training while you're resting the quad, to keep the other muscles in tune?
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        I don't really have any other trainings, except walking and core excercies I do regularly. I don't belong to a gym at the moment; perhaps I could get a resistance trainer thingy for my bike. The leg is still hurting, but far less. I hope to walk 1 or 2 this week, at least.
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          Tapering is the key here, especially in light of your injury. You definatel;y must take it easyor you may not be running for a long time after the Maraathon. Hal Gidon's site has a lot of good info from a man who's run 111 marathons - click here - Dave