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    Ok... I am resuming running again... based on my training for the marathon... what is an appropriate weekly milage for the next few weeks of recovery? I worked hard to achieve a whole new level of fitness I don't want to totally loose it...

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      Not quite sure what you're asking. More info please?

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        I got wiped after my marathon and got a cold that morphed into allergies. I think I tried too much too soon. So, don't do that. Only recently feeling better. So, I'd advise easy. Maybe look at logs of experienced people who've recently marathoned? Some searching on the forums ought to yeild something.
          My question is... What is a safe level of activity to resume durring the next X weeks after a marathon... How many miles a week is ok based on my marathon preparation (see my running log). Should I not run say... a 8-10 next weekend... etc... etc.. Obviously no speed work and low intensity over the next couple weeks... but what about miles... should I limit my miles to say 35? 25? 40?
            While every one is "an experiment of one" a guideline that many follow is that it takes one day per mile of race to fully recover. Marathon = 26.2 miles, generally speaking takes about a month to recover (or 4 weeks) I have started running as soon as 3 days after a marathon. Nothing hard or long, just easy recovery miles. When I decided to run 2 marathons in 2 weeks, I used suggestions on Hal Higdon's web site. I am now using his 4-weeks between marathons for one coming up in June, and then another in July. If you go to his site at you can get some idea as to a slow build up of mileage. Hope this helps!

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              what about miles... should I limit my miles to say 35? 25? 40?
              Depends on what kind of mileage you've been running, and what your next race is. You should be able to run a 10-miler the week after your marathon, especially if you ran a 3:38.
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                Listen to your body start out slow and easy if you logged a lot of miles prior to the marathon you should be able to resume a reverse what you did prior to the marathon. Plus I think it matters on how quick you recover.

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                  I did 6 easy the other day and felt great durring but I wasn't healed from it the next day... so I think I need to keep my easy days in the 3 mile range for a bit... we will see... I have another 6 miles planned tonight and it will be at easy to recovery pace. So I will see how I feel tomorrow...