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The next one? (Read 169 times)

    Hi, One question: as earlier mentioned I ran my first marathon a couple of weeks ago. I assume to be quite ok right now, cause today I've just broken my PR in 10M. Anyway, I'm starting to think about the next marathon. Would you recommend to go for the second one in the autumn, or rather wait for next year? On the autumn 'corner', there's my ego and my will to break the 3h30', on the next year 'corner' there's my wife (never underestimate the 'power' of your partner), and the fact that I have quite a few tricky trips planned in September & October, and therefore I'm not so sure how my training will be like. So, as it looks now, I think I'll wait for next year, but I'd like to have your meaning. Thanks in advance Rafa

    Targets 1) No injuries 2) Keep having fun 3) Some kind of PR


      Either option is fine from a training and running of a marathon standpoint, but it sounds like from your scheduling issues that it might make more sense to wait for next year. Do whatever makes the most sense for you.

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      straw man

        on the next year 'corner' there's my wife (never underestimate the 'power' of your partner),
        That is commonly called SPOF, the Spouse Pissed Off Factor, and it must be calculated into all marathon planning. I agree that physically, you're fine for either option.

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          Waiting a year? Does not compute. It's been more than 2 months for me and I'm getting antsy. I'm hoping for an ultra in early August and Tupelo in late August, but nothing is sure. And it burns. Stings. Hurts. Waiting a whole year? That's just preposterous.

            Agreed. Preposterous. Nice word.