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BQ in 12 weeks? (Read 167 times)


    BQ in 12 weeks?


    Hi all! I just recently ran my second marathon (first one that I actually really trained for) and I had a goal of <4. I exceeded my expectations and ran a 3:51:37 fairly easily. No hitting any walls and my last 10K my miles were all under 8:30 pace.


    I have a fairly solid base now (taking this week OFF and next week easy shouldn't make me lose too much fitness). I have no lingering injuries and I am not sore at all today, 3 days after my marathon. I am confident I have at least 5-6 more minutes to take off without too much effort. Therefore, I was thinking with 12 weeks more training...well anything is possible right Wink


    I have the New Orleans RockNRoll marathon February 24th. So I'm dreaming big...and gonna give it my all out best effort to qualify for Boston there. I had planned on doing it at Chicago in October 2013...but why wait Smile I need a 3:40:00 to qualify. I know that you have a better chance of getting in if you are faster then your qualifying time, but a 3:39:59 will cause me to go into happy hysterics Smile



    I sort of put together a plan that resembles what I was doing, with an added speed work day. I wasn't doing speed work previously. If anyone has time I would love it if you could gaze at my training plan and give me some input. I know there are many of you out there who have MUCH more knowledge and experience then I do. Thanks, Virginia


    (It's the NOLA RNR training plan listed under my plans)

      I've only got a couple suggestions, and they're probably worth what you pay for them:


      I'd ditch the 'as fast as possible' intervals in the 3 weeks or so before the race. Probably all the intervals, you've got two races 2 and 3 weeks out, and you can race them hard and get that effect.


      The 13 miles the day after the half two weeks before race day. I'd suggest doing most of that 13 miles as extended warm up and cool down - make it a total of 20-23 and run 3-6 miles the next day. If you recover fully after the race, have something to eat and drink, etc. then another 6-8 miles, especially run with someone else, may not feel as bad as you think.


      Overall it looks very reasonable.


        Thank you! I will take a look and I think you are right about the races replacing the intervals in the few weeks.

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          What were your splits? - I assume you had a largish negative split if you averaged under 8:30 for the last 10K.  More even pacing would gain about half of the difference back.  But that still leaves a large gap to reach an average of about 8:23.  I wouldn't worry too much about "speed" work - it's the endurance you need.  Plan on keeping your base miles up and work in some medium long runs with a large amount at your marathon goal pace (say 16 miles with two mile warm up, 12 at MGP and two mile cool down).  Good luck.

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          Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

          He's a leaker!


            First half was 2:00, second half was 1:51.


            Yep...gonna get in quite a few miles @ MP...that seems to be the #1 consensus.


            Ready to get done with this rest week and start running again on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!