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How quiet is this forum?!?!?! (Read 288 times)

Go Pre!

    Seriously, is there no one running marathons this fall? Smile

    All business

      Chicago next week!

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        2nd one is next weekend!!! Just a little under the weather while tapering Sad

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          Hello there, I´m running my 3rd marathon this year, in 9 weeks time. Treating my wife to a weeks holiday in Lanzarote, while we´re there, i´ll be running the marathon. It´ll be nice to get away from the Finnish autumn/winter. So hows everyones training going? Will there be a few PR´s broken in the next few weeks?

          Has been

            One week from today will be my first!

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            Go Pre!

              Ran a Half M race today.., felt like mud but then again I ran 33K last weekend and did Speed Intervals on Wednesday, and ran Friday. I rested yesterday if you can call it that. I was hoping for a sub 1:40 but after 10K I felt the fatigue and finished at 1:42:21 beating my HM PR by over a minute. Which during this period of Marathon training I should be happy with. 3 weeks to Columbus!
                Run for the Toad (25k trail race) yesterday. Columbus Marathon in 21 days. Bring it...
                  Good luck to all those racing in the next few weeks! I am doing a winter marathon (Miami in January) and just finished week 1 of my 18 week training plan - 17 more to go! Smile
                    Only 12 days until my first marathon. Then we'll see how I feel about one or two more this year.

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                      Chickamauga, GA on Nov 10th will be my first marathon. I just ran a 10K to help me get a better idea of a good goal pace for the marathon. May run one more in 3 weeks - a 15k, at marathon pace. Then one last long run, and then a 3 week taper!!!