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Rest or Push Through? (Read 636 times)


my little devil

    I just posted this on the main forum, but then I found this group which looked like fun to join. Soooo, here is my issue:




    I am training for the Chicago marathon in Oct. I ran it in 2008 at 4:22:30 after deciding to run it about 5 weeks before the race (I was not very weel trained and my goal was to finish alive Smile. I had been training for a half and kind of kept going, my longest run before the race was 19 miles. I am following the Novice Hal Higdon training program. My PR for the 1/2 is 1:55:20.


    I am now up to about 36 miles per week and my legs are KILLING me! Every mile seems to be difficult right now. My quads are so sore after running my 18 miles so far this week and I have a long run of 18 on Sunday.


    My question is: Do I take a rest for a few days and step down my miles or just push through the soreness and do my 18 since I step down next weekend?


    Thank for for any advice!

      If it's still just soreness, and not pain, and your plan steps down after this week, I'd say push through until you get to a point where fatigue really has an effect on your form, maybe slow down a little, but get out there and do it.

      Queen of 3rd Place

        Your training runs are too fast, many of them are faster than your HM race pace!


        Try plugging your HM PR into McMillan's pace calculator online, then see what your easy run pace should be (more like 10 min/mi, I would guess).


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          I'm training for my second marathon and have some help from a friend whom is an experienced marathoner. I've always run too fast (for my amateur ability) and wondered why I always got hurt, why my legs were always sore, and why I didn't make substantial gains after training. I've been doing most of my miles now around a 10 mm and notice how much stronger I feel especially when I do my tempo/interval/stride work once a week (sometimes more). My weekly mileage has gradually increased from about 25 to 40 over the course of the last 4 or 5 weeks and expect it to get to the mid 50s by the end of the summer before my marathon at the end of September. I've seen many of the folks posting on RA talking about more easy miles with targeted workouts of intervals/tempo etc and it has really held true for me too. I really look forward to the days where I can push it a little on my speed days. I'm trying to get better about consistently staying within the plan and when I don't I get little aches and pains (like my recent Achilles issue) then need to back off. Anyway, if you do some digging on the RA forums you can get some great info. Good luck.