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    So, that should be it. 18 months after I started running and probably around 1 year after I started dreaming about it, tomorrow I'll be running my first Marathon I believe I've trained "as I should" and that I'm ready for it, but nevertheless, I assume the first Marathon is always a step into the unknown: - Will I start "slow enough"? - Will my intestines behave? - Will I eat & drink enough in the race? - Will I bonk? - Will I manage to finish below x h y min? In this last year, I've probably been thinking about tomorrow more than about any other single issue, and right now I have a mixed feeling, something between going to a last chance exam in the University and dating a girl for the first time ! Undecided Wish me good luck !

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      Wow, a day you'll always remember. Good luck, Urano. What race?

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        Rafa, best of luck to you tomorrow! I will have been running 2.5 years by the time I toe the line for my first marathon, but I also know I will have the exact same concerns. I think everyone probably feels these things, whether they've been running 6 months or 6 years before they first attempt that race distance. I hope you have a great race and are ready for more! Big grin

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          Good luck dude. Stay cool. Take it easy. Never forget...... enjoy it. Seriously. Try to enjoy it. You will never, ever have a first marathon again. Big grin

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            Just reading what you wrote made me nervous/ must be pretty amped!!!! It was a long road that you took to be able to put your toes on the line tomorrow. Rest easy, you're ready and remember one thing: When all those thoughts start running through your head, RELAX and just ENJOY the experience. You're gonna do great, and I look forward to the race report. Q

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              Good luck dude. Stay cool. Take it easy. Never forget...... enjoy it. Seriously. Try to enjoy it. You will never, ever have a first marathon again. Big grin
              This is so true it is a life changing experience, not like haveing kids, you are doing something that people dream of. You yourself thought about it, just go out there and run your race and above all else enjoy everything.

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                Good luck. You seem to be well prepared for this.
                  enjoy and have fun!!! Great job the hard part is getting to that starting line all those miles, missed plans to get that run in.... get some sleep~!