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Big marathon or small marathon? (Read 211 times)

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on "big" (ie New York, Boston, LA, etc) marathons vs. "small" marathons. The two I've done were both moderate size (Carlsbad and O.C.) but a couple of friends and I are doing an unofficial marathon beginning of April due to lack of suitable races in our area at that time. Is it that much harder running with only a couple of spouses as support??
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      So, you're just going to go out and run 26.2 miles? Sounds like a plan to me, really. As far as support, the only thing you really need would be something to drink, and some food or something. Other than that, someone to keep an eye out in case you don't come home at a reasonable hour.
        Yeah, the place where we're gonna do it has a sign in log, and everyone's got to be out by dusk, so that should be okay. I figure, why pay the fee and travel and hotel and all that, when there's plenty of road and trail out there for free? Smile
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          I like the aura of a race event myself.