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wow - slow forum these days (Read 254 times)

Go Pre!

    Well, I made it to Columbus, the r est of the gang to make it tomorrow. n the words of Tuf...On behalf of us all...HTFU 26.2 or bust Smile This should be an exciting weekend Shocked
      Good luck to you Dave and to all the other RA folks running with you!

      When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

        And remember to HAVE FUN!
        Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado

        Go Pre!

          And remember to HAVE FUN!
          I'm trying! Well, slept well last night, which I was woried about being at a hotel. Nice hotel (Hyatt) and luckily the expo is here so we don't need to hunt for it Smile Time to get up now (yes, laptop in bed this morning - had to find directions to this awesome mall > Easton Shopping Centre ) It will be hard to stay off my feet at this mall! Will have t go back after the marathon. We also have to be at the kid's races today for Cam at 1:00. so, ya, should be a crazy fun hectic weekend! D
            HAVE FUNE!! ENJOY!!! GOOD LUCK!!! OH and take LOTS of pictures!!!! Can't wait to hear everyone's race reports!!!

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