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Oh NO!! I suck again.... (Read 535 times)

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    but I made it in ahead of the "Grim Sweepers!!!" 1st marathon - w/ankle "issues" (swollen/on ice) 6:03:38 Dead
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      Congrats on coming in! Next time, try it without hurting your ankles!

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        Sorry the ankles held you back, but way to go on the finish! Crossing the finish line does not equal sucking.

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          Thank you...Okay, 12 other folks that didn't get cut by the sweepers were behind me!
          Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group

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            Good job on staying focused and finishing!!!

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              With those problems you seem to have had I would say that it could have been wiser to not finish. Quitters are not always losers. Sometimes they are the smart ones. I have learned the hard way to listen to my body. If something doesn't feel right there is a good chance it isn't. No one here can say for certain if it would have been wiser to stop before the finishing line. But the thing is that it is ok to continue at a lower pace if you don't feel right. It is also ok to stop before you make matters worse. There is always another race Smile
                but I made it in ahead of the "Grim Sweepers!!!"
                The one marathon I did when I was dead last for much of the way was kind of interesting. I felt like I had my own personal support crew. The guys would come up in their pickups and ask me if I was doing okay or if I needed anything and then pull over to the side of the road, wait until I went by and then pick up the mile signs behind me. It was a closed course (local traffic only) for most of the way and when they reopened the road to traffic they came by to let me know. At that point there was a wide shoulder and I was using it anyway. At various times, I had the course director and every one of the course helpers walking with me for a little way. I especially appreciated it when I passed the other person who was slow and the guys made it a point of commenting that I wasn't last any more. Also, everyone at the aid stations were just as enthusiastic for me as they were for everyone else. It was a small race and I came in first in my age group (because I was the only one in my age group.)

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                  Thanks guys!! I'm doing much better emotionally an' all that Wink.... now a week ankle has made a miraculous recovery - sooo glad it's not broken...I'm doing easy runs on very soft surfaces (sand-like soft trails) still some ice & ibu - even though it feels 85-90% I know I'm always my own worst critic...& sometimes have trouble differentiating btwn "is this a serious issue, or am I being overly whiney?" Part of the time, I congratulate my self on finishing, part of the time, I'm pissed because I KNOW I can do better.... Roll eyes I think I need to improve a few things - obvious things - before I try this again... 1. get my weight down 2. get my mileage up & consistent 3. train more on hard surfaces ( most of my runs are on dirt trails & roads)
                  Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group

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                    I'm sooooo glad to hear that your ankle is doing better, you had me worried! Guess it wasn't a stress fracture after all! Arla

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                      I'm happy your ankle is fine again Smile Looking at your log I'd say yes - you should increase your mileage quite a bit, or do shorter races before you try out on a marathon again. I'm not sure I'd train more on hard surfaces. Why strain your ankle more than needed? But beware of your shoes, they could be worn or of the wrong type.