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Entered my First Marathon! (Read 223 times)

    I've been a lurker. Posted a few times, been running for 6ish years now, and maybe one or two of you know me.

    I'm running MDI Marathon 2010. Its going to be my first and i'm pretty pumped. Luckily for me i'm living on MDI for the summer working. Not so luckily, its 2 jobs and there both fairly demanding, so this is going to be a real blast trying to fit everything in.

    I really put the registration part of it off quite long and eventually had to sign up for the beyond the finish Line charitable running Guaranteed entry. I'll be running for Friends of Acadia and i need to raise $1000, (im already 32% of the way there!)

    so, hope everyone's training is going well and looking forward to a good summer. Lots of hard work ahead

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      Good luck!  

      I haven't run MDI yet, right now I'm thinking of running the NH/ME double on October 2 & 3, and then running Denver on Oct 17.  A lot of factors could easily change that though.

      Right now, I'll be out at MDI (briefly) this weekend...mostly just to catch the ferry out to Great Cranberry Island for the 50k on Saturday.

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        I really want to get out the Ultra, but with work constraints there just isn't enough time...Shux...


        One day at a time

          Good luck, Eric!  I was wondering how you were doing.  Working on MDI sounds cool!  Did you see the Obamas this weekend?


            no i didn't get to see the Obamas, but they ate at my boss's other restaunt and my Manager went down and shook his hand. When the manager got back everyone wanted to shake his. It was quite funny.

            The Obama's coming to the island was a good thing, but it cause a lot of delays and annoyances to daily life here. I wanted to go running on a carriage road, but they had closed it just for them.

            Did get to see the fast group of black SUV's pass by. Quite the site...haha

            Still staying busy. Distance PR yesterday, first 14 miles ever and this weekend looks to be another good one, 16 that is. 



              Erin and I were talking about that on our drive up to MDI this weekend, and we decided that it must suck to be the President.

              Sure, it's an inconvenience to the islanders (and really sucks for those vacationing there) but on Monday you guys get back wherever you want and have the rest of the year to enjoy everything whereas its a major pain in the butt for him to get out there, and even when he does he can't fully enjoy everything.  Apparently, he had to have an ambulance follow him on the carriage roads the entire time, which probably means he wasn't able to get out to hike on any of the smaller trails.

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              25 Marathons, 17 Ultras, 16 States (Full List)

              One day at a time

                Blaine, I was thinking the same thing about the President!  We saw the elder President Bush in Ogunquit a few years ago, when he was with Gorbachev.  There was SO much security around them, and both men weren't even in office at the time!  It would get old.

                At least there are a lot of good carriage roads that are wide enough for ambulances!  I read that they biked around Witch Hole Pond - I ran that loop last summer, and it was really pretty.  I saw only a couple of other people the whole way.