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Mother's Day 5K volunteering (Read 187 times)

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    So for the past few weeks, the Maine Track Club has been sending out update emails working to drum up volunteers for this Sunday's 5K in Portland.  Thinking I'd be out of town, I just skimmed them and moved.


    Plans changed for Sunday, then yesterday one more  ! Volunteers Needed !   *** HELP! *** email missive arrived, so I decided, what-the-heck...I'll help out.


    What I found was the only position needed additional volunteers was SINGING THE ANTHEM, and I wont be doing that.  You do not want me to do that. 


    It made me chuckle.

    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


      I won't be there to volunteer this year...for the past 3 or 4 years I've just gone and filled in wherever I was needed, and Howard's never had any trouble finding plenty of jobs for me to do.  Running registration up to the timers before the race, traffic duty, running results from the finish line to the timers, course clean up...there's always something to do.

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