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Thanksgiving Race Window (Read 203 times)

    Ah, the glorious Thanksgiving race window is upon much to choose from.  What are my fellow Mainers doing?


    I might do:                                                 I will do:

    Sanford Turkey Trot   11/19                       Portland 4-Miler

    Presidential 5K (K'port) or the 5K in

    Gorham on 11/26

    Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy

    L Train

      Sanford Turkey Trot   11/19                        


      This would be amusing.  You'd win by like 4 minutes. 



        I was going to do the Turkey Trot in Cape Elizabeth on the 20th since it's a Maine State Championship race.


        But, my knee has been acting up for the past week. Felt fine last night, but I don't think that spending a few hours in the car and trying to race and potentially hurting it is in my best interest so I'll probably give it a few more days before I start running on it daily again.

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          Portland 4-Miler for me, assuming I drag my butt out of bed in time. 


          Jeff -- if you run this, my goal will be to not get lapped by you before the 3 mile 2 mile mark.  I will probably fail.


          mta: If a Diamond J leaves the start at 5:00 miles and a Milktruck leaves the start at 7:20 miles but fading, at what point will the Diamond J lap the Milktruck on a 2 mile course?   Classic math problem.

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            May do a 6 miler the saturday after in Holyoke, MA.  None for me on turkey day.  Will be in western mass and the closest one is in Fitchburg. Happy Turkey running all!

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              This would be amusing.  You'd win by like 4 minutes. 


              Good thing he didn't show up last year, eh?


              (L Train won last year, btw)


              Nothing for me probably until Mill Cities Relay.

              Sit on a potato pan, Otis.

              Home Away From Home

                I am running a 5k on Thanksgiving morning in my home town at the public high school. I didn't go there but know it well since many of my friends did. Running with my brother who I haven't seen in a few years so it should be really fun. Allycia thinks I should run with him and stay together but I am not sure my running ego can do that. I always feel like I have to run my best or at least darn close if not trying to "race" but to slog along with someone just to try to stay together, not sure I can do that. Will face that on race day.


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