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What races is everybody doing? (Read 580 times)

    I don't get on this forum enough!  I was just wondering what races all my fellow Maine runners are planning on this year.  Here is my tentative schedule (minus a few TBD races), maybe I'll see some of you at these races.

    4/11 - Race for Education 5K Scarborough

    5/9 - Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5K Portland

    6/6 - Kennebunk Beach Classic 5K Kennebunk                   New course.  Supposedly "blazingly fast".

    6/20 -Sea Dogs Father's Day 5K Portland

    7/4 - LL Bean 10K Freeport

    7/9 - Kennebunk Library 5K Kennebunk

    8/7 - Beach to Beacon Cape Elizabeth

    8/21 - Breakaway 5K OOB                                  Very fast PR course!

    11/7 - Manchester Half Marathon Manchester, NH

    11/25 - Thanksgiving 4 Miler Portland

    Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy

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      Here's the basic outline of what I was planning for my 2010:


      • Mid-Winter 10-Miler (Feb)
      • Eastern States 20 miles (Mar)
      • Great Bay Half (April) or Big Lake Half (April)
      • Patriot's Day 5-miler (April)
      • Sugarloaf Marathon 15K (May)
      • Indy 500 Festival Mini-Marathon (May)
      • Pineland Trail 25K or 50K (May) or Vermont City Marathon (May)
      • LL Bean 10K (July)
      • Clam Festival 5-miler (July)
      • Peaks Island 5-miler (July)
      • Beach-2-Beacon 10K (Aug)
      • Portland Trails 10K (Sept)
      • Maine Marathon or Baystate or Manchester City or Hartford (Oct)
      • Seacoast Half (Nov)

      That's the general outline, but may not have gotten to all of these due to life getting in the way. I was also hoping to get a chance for something new and different like the Fred Brown Relay around Lake winnipesaukee or Reach the Beach, anything new. 


      Right now, I'm not healed enough to do much more than walk with light jogs of 1/2 mile or so thrown in. My last round of surgery has left me with another 8 - 12 weeks of therapy to go. I'm planning to jump into this schedule at the LL Bean 10K,  or Pineland Trails 10K, and will almost certainly not run a fall marathon.


      I've never entered a 5K, so may have to do that this year just to try out that as a new distance.


      mta:  Forgot about the Portland Trails 10K, which has been my favorite race in the past 2 years. So added it.

      I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


        If you do a 5K or two, Kennebunk Beach and the Breakaway 5K races are wicked fast if you want a good time.  The Sea Dogs races are pretty fast as well - plus you get a free ticket for each race!  I will be running my first marathon sometime in October (probably the first Sunday).  I want a "fast" course.  What do you recommend for one in New England?

        Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy

          One of my goals this year is to run at least one race a month. So far, so good. I am 3 for 3...


          Subject to change, of course, but here's my current thinking:


          3/28 - Great Scot Trot 5K --- Standish

          4/11 - Great Bay Half -------- Newmarket, NH

          4/18 - Boys' Club 5 Miler --- Portland

          5/15 - Run For Hope 5K ---- Portland

          6/26 - Pottle Hill 10K -------- Mechanic Falls

          7/4 -   4 On The Fourth ------ Bridgton

          8/? -   Cumberland County  5k - Gorham

          9/? - Trail To Ale 10K ----- Portland

          10/3 - Maine Marathon

          10/31 - Great Pumpkin 10K - Saco

          11/25 - Portland Thanksgiving 4 Miler

          12/? - Jingle Bell 5K ------ Freeport


          As for fast New England's marathons, I don't have any first hand knowledge of any marathons. But reading some of the posts on RA, I seem to recall people saying Baystate is relatively flat, therefore, presumably fast..


          And Diamond J, I guess you and I have crossed paths at both Scarborough and Irish Rover already this year. However,  my use of the word "crossed" is very figuratively since I was not in the same time zone when you finished...

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            Seems to me that what makes Baystate fast is the field and not the course.  The course is certainly "flat-ish", compared to most NE courses, but its got its share of rolly-polly (slight hills, overpasses, bridge approaches). 


            What makes Baystate fast is the field. People with your speed are dime a dozen in this race, you'll always have someone to pull you.  For slower folks, Baystate gets "empty", the crowd is at 3:00 to 3:30 at this race, rather than the 3:45 to 4:30 that is more common in NE marathons.


            VT City Marathon is a great party, lots of recreational runners big crowds, fun.  Manchester NH is trying to get there, doesn't have the same level of support along the course.


            Baystate is the one you want.  Smaller (~1500 marathoners), focused, serious, good course support.


            Are you still planning on Sugarloaf in May to test the marathon distance?

            I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

              I'm not doing Sugarloaf.  I'm going to really get myself into shape for the B2B and then I'll run a Fall marathon and half marathon.  Technically my goal is to "just finish" the marathon.  Baystate sounds perfect.  I'm running for time, not place so I don't care how many people finish ahead of me.  I like that "pull".  I think that's really going to help me in the B2B.

              Oh yeah!  Totally forgot about the Trail to Ale!  Definitely doing that one again...I'll probably do the Pumpkin, too.

              Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy


                I've been doing a lot of Fat Ass races...


                In fact, of the 4 races I've done so far this year, 3 have been Fat Asses and 1 was the Mid-Winter Classic.


                I was thinking about running Exeter next month, but I'm not really feeling the mojo right now and might take a small break from "regular" training and just do whatever the hell I please (which is basically what I've been doing except probably w/o actually trying to get out the door.)  I'll probably do some trail runs with friends a few times a week and will still run with the folks I coach on Thursdays...we'll see how it goes.


                Either way, I'll probably run the barefoot 5k and possibly the 50k at the Pineland Farms Trail Challenge at the end of May.  I'll also likely run the Bradbury Trail Running Series (6 / 9 / 12 mile races) - I'm having trouble getting excited about anything else.


                I think I'm just bummed that Dirigo won't field a team for the New England Grand Prix races for another year...2 races now that we've skipped w/zero interest.

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                  Hey RTW-

                  What's the deal with Dirigo RC?  The website isn't really that informative and I was wondering how club members joined.

                  Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy

                  L Train

                    Nice 5K Diamond J and Road Shuffler.  3rd OA for Diamond J.



                      Hey RTW-


                      Sorry, didn't notice your message last year so I'm a bit late getting back to you.


                      If you are still interested, I'll get you the criteria - basically, it boils down to if you're competitive and can run a fast time.

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                      25 Marathons, 17 Ultras, 16 States (Full List)

                        Anyone doing:  Ocean Park (7/29), Run with the Ducks (8/13), or Breakaway (8/20)?  I'll be there.


                        I'm also curious to hear how everyone's season has been going...

                        Goals for 2013: sub 18 5K; stay healthy

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                          I'm also curious to hear how everyone's season has been going...


                 helluva good day in early May out at the Indy Mini Marathon, everything else since then has been beyond crummy.  So I've changed to goal to trying to not set any more personal worsts....that should be do-able.

                          I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)