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    Let's try this out....

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      Man, I thought I was going to run this thing!


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        Happy to post in this thread, but in the Forum section under Racing there is a sub-3 thread:



        I just posted there to introduce myself.  Doesn't seem to have a ton of traffic but looks like an interesting group of people nonetheless.


        Anyway, do we want to be hermits/refugees and stay here, or brave the wilds of RA and post in the natives' sub-3 thread?

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          Just started my marathon training yesterday with a 16 mile long run.  Probably won't do any speed work for the next 2 weeks while I recover from the fall racing season.  I do my long runs on Monday evenings and take every Tuesday off, so today is a SRD.


          I don't know if we want to have everyones goal race and time in the first post but if we do mine is B & A Trail Marathon on March 16th 2:37.

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            Is it just me or do the forum threads in a group load way slower than the normal RA forum threads.

            As for the sub-3 thread on the main forums. Probably best to post there also.


            I have no clue. I'm just sick of the RunnersWorlds


            Please wait 30 minutes while I load this thread.......

              Man, I thought I was going to run this thing!


              Greg, I'm sorry but you've been kicked out of the sub-3 thread as you are now over the 15-minute grace time/period....

              The sub-3 thread on RA was all-inclusive of everyone under 3.

              Also, since you can basically browse everyone's log here, it really isn't 100% necessary to post everyone's weekly training.


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                Screen name 1, who were you on RWOL?

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                  How many of you follow a fairly set training plan for your marathon training?  I use to write out very detailed 12-16 weeks plans for shorter races but found I just changed them depending on how I was feeling each day anyway so now I just have a general idea of how I want my workouts to progress as I lead up to the goal race.  I was planning on doing the same thing for the marathon, but as I have run hunderds of races 1 mile to 10K and only 1 marathon I'm not entirely comfortable with that idea.

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                    I'm Nils. Couldn't you guess.....


                    We could play a cool game, now. Who was/am I?

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                      I have been lurking on RWOL sub-3 thread for a while and I guess this is a good occasion to jump ship and get more involved in here. I ran a 3:06 last July in Missoula and was supposed to run CIM with an outside shot at sub-3 this week-end. However I started having some weird behind the knee/hamstring issues 2 weeks ago and my taper has gone south such that it is now very likely that I will DNS this thing. This might be a blessing in disguise as the conditions are not looking good (heavy rain and headwind for at least several miles of the race).


                      RKR - I usually follow the training plan without too much variations.

                        rkr - i am usually pretty rigid to following a specific plan. In most of my previous cases, it has been a Pfitz plan, starting with lower miles and then building up to his highest mile plans. You will see peaks and valleys during your training cycle (I've been seeing way too many valley's lately), but usually the plans are scheduled to give you enough rest between quality workouts, etc...

                          Some familiar faces here. RKR Im starting pfitz 18/70 dec 29 for my first full. I run 50-70mpw so hopefully this is the right plan for me.


                          5km 17:16 feb14        

                          10km 36:59 june 12  

                          Half 1:21:30 oct12       

                          Full 2:59:12 nov 13

                          rebuilding r2th v2.0

                            Officially pulled the plug on CIM today - cancelled my flight and hotel.

                            40min land running slow and 40 min pool running with 2x[7x(1:30 hard/30s easy)]. Good times.


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                              that sucks run2.  


                              this page does load a little slow...not RWOL slow, but slower than any other pages on RA including forum pages and other Group pages.  that's peculiar.


                                Hey fast guys.


                                As far as I can tell, the old RWOL sub 3 group is now posting here, on the RA Racing sub 3 thread, on new Facebook group and a few people are still posting on RWOL.


                                I'm sooooooooooo confused.

                                m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:34 | 50mile: 9:35
                                upcoming: CIM (12/12), Boston (4/13), Big Sur (4/13)