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    Ric: Awww, man, that's super exciting that you get to train for/run Boston this year! I look forward to cheering you on throughout. I qualified in my race, but I won't be able to run it until 2014 b/c they closed registration a week or two prior to my FM in fall. I think it's for the best, though, b/c I'd like to work on getting a big faster b/f I run it anyway.  Nice work on the 5 EZ today!!!



      Flinders - nice job on the 8k. never raced that distance. is that like 4m?


      BruceD - welcome to group!


      mama - no FM until the fall. Still undecided between Philly and Steamtown. Still got time to make a decision as reg does not open for either until April. leaning towards Philly as I'd like to do a big city marathon again. Feeling really good as running goes. rest-up as i have 3 kids myself and love when a virus just cycles thru the house.Smile I always eat before LRs. Practice what you'll do on race day kind of thing. You just run crazy mileage.Smile


      Ric - welcome to group too.


      JK/Ted/cws  - great job on your races this weekend and hope you find your way here from RWOL


      me - as mama eluded to I got a solid 13.1 in yesterday with most of the miles on the HM course. Kept it nice and easy. 52 miles for the week building my mpw up gradual since Harrisburg.

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        Jedi: Ahhh, OK - that's what I thought!  I'm glad the running is going so well and that you are feeling great right now!  Things seem to be flowing for you...YES!


        12-13 tonight after nearly a whole week off.  I'm looking forward to running again.  The rest did me good!  Have a great Monday, all!


        Moving in ;-)

          Hello, i'm from RW, for the ones who not know me this will be my intro Big grin


          Here it goes my race report from the Lisbon Marathon last sunday.


          Slept like 2\3 hours, woke up two hours before the start, eated one yogurt, cereal with less milk than usual and a ham and cheese toast, i live close so got to the start with 40 minutes to spare and drinked a coffe, here it's like a shot not a big one like there on the US.


          The gun went off and took me 1m01s to cross the start line, the first 200mt where slow and all the pacers where ahead of me, but i knew was a long race so i wasn't worried, by 2 km had caught the 3h30 pacer but went trough it, if was to do 3h20 or less was no point of staying with it.


          By 5km took my first gel and was about 20 seconds behind 3h20 pace and the HR was where it suppose to be, at 10km was 20 something seconds ahead of 3h20 at 46m56s, but got my first probelm here, took me 1km to eat half a bar so decided from then on would only eat gels.


          From 10km to 20km was mainly descending so i picked up some time doing 44m24s, had my second gel, at HM mark passed in about 1h36m16s, a PR by almost 6 minutes and was felling very fresh so i did like we say here, race the first half with your head and the second with your heart. From there on the HR was always close or hiting in the 175bpm mark.


          Now i got my second problem, at 23km got the first sign of wear on my legs and the HM guys start half way trough the FM course, so had to zig zag trough them on the tightest part of the course for 7\8km, so when i was at 25km was 20 seconds off 3h10 pace and by km 33 had lost more than 5 minutes... Here knowing i didn't eased on the gas but had done a quick(less than 1m) take a leak stop, was afraid of being a tip for a massive blow out, so got a little disapointed but maintained the effort level.


          With all that forgot to took the third gel at 30km and at 35km too... So for the last 7km execpt for the end was always climbing through a big avenue, and as the climb started so the HR climbed too, at that point my legs where hurting a bit but my breating was ok, so i started upping the pace over 180bpm and started passing more people too, more cause trough the entire course i had the blinker on, one of the perks of starting from behind.


          As i soldiered trough the climb ocasionally i would hear a "you are crazy" or a "you gonna blow up", but i just replied "if i do so be it, until then it's gonna be full gas!", apart from that for extra motivation i only needed to look at other people's face and see the WOW look as i passed.
          At 40km was no point on eating the gel... The finish was in a 400mt track on a stadium and as we approached it people would speed up, but i would make the extra effort to pass them, even when we entered the track and everyone upped the pace even more i put more effort on and passed them trough the outside continuing my sprint that had dured for 6km to pass in the finish with the clock almost on the 3h14m48s.


          From the second i stopped running my legs started to run, alot, the ladies ask me what i wanted to it, i just said "after this i want it all XD", they continued "if you want we have chairs for you to sit on", "if i sit i'm not gonna be able to get back up thanks". There was massages in the other side of the stadium so i did another "marathon" to get there, slow walking with alot pain, there was no way i could drive like that and was glad my aunt was there with me. The massage didn't stop the pain but i was very glad i could walk without being afraid my legs would burst XD.


          After a bath and and lauch i could move sort of freely exept from picking up stuff from the floor or going down stairs XD.

          Resuming i think i could have done a faster time if it where not for the HM, but i'm very happy and wouldn't change a thing how i did things, today i'm a bit hurt but i moove ok, the only complains are the right knee and shin, for most of the training was the left leg giving me problems, now it's the right XD. I would have liked alot to have all this recorded by a gps watch but unfortunally can't aford one Sad


          Moving in ;-)

            After the tale of my first marathon i'm gonna give a bit of the general stats on my training, until September i almost didn't run, not completely stopping but running like two days this week and not running for a week after, only did one 15km race pacing my uncle, and was pretty much the year with less physical from the last 6 years.

            When i started school in September runned for the first time this year 3 times in a row, and i though, like in the last 3 years if i keep this up is this time i sign up for the marathon, so when at the end of month i had runed regularly and tough maybe i should sign... but then maybe i start training and if it goes well i sing later... fortunnaly i know myself too well to get fooled by myself like that, if i hadn't payed then the inscription would agravate the price, i wouldn't train like i should and end up not running it... so at 29 Setp i pay for it and started training from my head.
            Missed my first long run right away, so i knew what i needed to do, opened a table with the days of the month at word and planned my training until the marathon, taking in the account my very poor base training compared of what is needed for a marathon to avoid injury on October i would build up miles and leave the intense training for November.


            I must say October wasn't too good missed 6 runs since the plan, some important, but my shape was coming up, and burned out myself for not eating in a long run taking me a week to recover from that, while keeping training, but by the end of the month i felt if i had a good November month the 3h30 would be very realistic.

            In November all came together, missed 4 runs, two of them in a cut back week after October and the other two where not important was sort of on purpose, so i would considered the month was almost perfect, not counting on the massive fitness increase where running each week harder than the last i would feel fresh and faster from one week to another.


            My taper was planed 10 days, but at that time was no point in it so i did 14 days, only one "fast" run on the Sunday before the race, and in the week before the big day only runned 2 times, about 9 miles.


            The race you already know how it went so i leave the miles from the three months, you can considered September as a month i do when i'm running regularly:
            - September -> 97.09 miles in 21 runs - 22.65 MPW with 29.05 miles max
            - October -> 178.24 miles in 18 runs - 40.25 MPW with 56.33 miles max
            - November -> 179.64 miles in 20 runs - 41.92 MPW with 50.56 miles max


            map my runs link ->


            Now you may ask what next for me, for sure i would like to beat 3h for the marathon but i can plan ahead. i will try and do a quick HM in march, and there are only two marathons in Portugal, both in fall so i will try and do my second FM there.
            If i continue to run regularly now for the HM, i would like to do a full month of training focused on tempo runs and a cut back week followed by a normal peak month with a mix of tempo\speedwork\long runs mix.

              JK - great to see you here. Though what you just did hardly seems legal. Or polite (j.kidding). Here most of us slave away for a few years to go sub 3:30, and you go and pull a 3:13.  Shocked


              It's jaw-dropping stuff, if I understand your training schedule. You'll be sub-3 by spring, if you actually do some training. What can I say: congratulations. I'm more interested now in your battle for 2:50. You'll actually learn what work is! WTG!!


                JK: It's great to see you over here too - you are a BEAST!  That was an insane race, seriously.  I loved the play-by-play.  I can't believe you started running seriously in September and ran a 3:14 freaking marathon in November.  Who does that?????  I thought my story was wild, but yours is nuts!  You clearly have an incredible amount of talent.  Congratulations on running an amazing race!!  I'm so glad you aren't too sore/out of sorts today, either.  What's next for you?  Another full?



                  Jk - glad to see you had a outstanding race. Congrats! Good to see you here too and hope rest of the group follows soon after.

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                  Pace Prophet

                    Runmom - I don't have any plans right now.  I specifically opted not to register for my usual spring half because it's been brutally windy the past two years, and I would also like something a bit later in the spring (rather than March).  I am considering a half and/or a full in the April-May timeframe.


                    JKA - you really should join a 3:10 goal group! You are too fast for us!  (And congratulations again.)


                    Ric - heh, I ran St. George in 2010, and it was super-hot then, too.


                    SRL - I am seriously thinking about the double full here next October.  In case you wanna with me.  I don't think the marathon here is a fast course, though.


                    Flinders - welcome!


                    Hi Clive, Jedi, Bruce, everyone else.  This time of year (cold) I normally run late morning, but I had a meeting for a nonprofit board I just joined from 10-2 today, so I ran 4 miles at 4 degrees F around 8am.  OMGCOLD.  I am not used to that!  The real problem was that the sun was still behind the mesa to the east for much of my run - as soon as I got into the sun it felt much better subjectively, even if it was still darn cold.  (I don't mind running in cold sunny weather, but I think I really need that sun!)


                    Anyway, still horribly slow.  I hope in another week or two I'll be back up to pace.

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                      JK:  NICE WORK!  You made it seem like 3:14 was easy.  Seems like you will get to that sub 3:00 some day.  I'd love to break that barrier.  Who knows what you could do with adding more mpw.  It's amazing you were able to go that fast with limited amount of training.  Again, nice work!


                      runmom: I bet your legs are just itching for tonight's run.  Have fun!


                      Flinders:  Hello fellow lurker.  I had lurked for quite a while until about a week before my race.  I am looking forward to what the future might hold for you.  I'm hopeful that you'll be able to knock 16 minutes off.  My goal is to knock 17+ minutes off with some hard training so I can BQ and run Boston in 2014.


                      Ric: That's awesome about BQing!  Are you planning on a specific training program?  Or your own bag of training?


                      jedi:  Nice work on the 13.  I love the feeling after running medium long runs.  I am looking forward to getting over my recover period and getting some of those runs in.


                      runbo:  Good luck on the base building.  I'll be doing the same starting in January.  Hopefully I can get accustomed to the cold weather running (It's all new to me).  Although, I don't expect it will be to frigid here in the Seattle area.


                      ilanarama:  BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!  That's all I have to say.


                      Welcome to everyone else.


                      Me:  My 6+ miles today felt great.  I forgot I was supposed to be in recover mode.  I ended up pushing my pace to an average of 7:27.  I went overboard for my last mile with a 6:22.  If I didn't need to go pick up the boys from school I would have stayed out longer.  No worries, I will not continue this craziness.  With all this recovery pace lately I felt I needed a little release and it felt awesome.  Have a great week!

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                        jk - wow. that is some racing. congrats!


                        cpett - i will stay with some sort of hanson based training. don't want to experiment at this point.


                        jedi - nice build up


                        greetings to all others. planning on 5-6 miles later.

                        marathon pr - 3:16


                        Three Martini Lunch

                          ilana: Thanks!  That's cold.


                          cpett:  Thanks!


                          runmom:  Thanks!  Up next for me is abbreviated marathon training.  I lost about three weeks of November to a bad PF flare (caused by dress shoes), and am only now building my mileage back up.  I signed up for the RnR DC full in March.  I don't think I'll be in good enough shape really to race it, but am toying with the idea of running it as a last training LR and doing a 2-week taper for a 10-mile race the first weekend of April. Or running it for fun (seems to me that I don't plan on racing it) and running a goal full later in the spring somewhere.


                          jedi:  8k is 5 miles (4.97 if you want to split hairs).  We seem to have a lot of them in our area (I'm in DC), which I have gathered is out of the ordinary.  I'd assume that is because there is a certified course through downtown that at least three or four biggish races use each year, so people are used to running the distance, so other groups in the area pick the distance for their races even if they aren't using the downtown course..  But that chain of causation is supposition on my part.


                          JK:  I'm in awe.  Congrats!!


                          Hi to everyone else!


                          Rest day for me today.

                          M: 3:31:56

                          HM: 1:37:33

                            runmom:  Thanks!  Up next for me is abbreviated marathon training.  I lost about three weeks of November to a bad PF flare (caused by dress shoes)



                            cpet - As you learned, it's incredibly important to run with appropriate footwear  Clown

                            jedi - 52 mpw says to me you're on a mission

                            ilana - 4 degree running in mesa-compromised sunlight says to me I'll keep my own "cold" stories to myself. Brrr

                            cpett - way to walk on the wild side of recovery

                            Ric-g - how'd the 6 go?


                            Woke up early. Realized if I do work instead of run, I might be able to make kids' Xmas pageant at 6pm, then run after. Made tea. Fired up laptop. 




                              Flinders - I had a few friends run that race too Sunday. I live about 2hr north of DC in PA.


                              runbo - way to have priorities straight. I spent 4hr at dance studio last nite as it's parents week to watch my daughter. She just loves her theater class.


                              me - kicked off my thirs week of Phase I Daniels with an easy 8 miler. Ran up biggest hill in town called Radio Hill. Gets the legs moving for sure. Finished off my run with some strides.

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                                I'm in for sub 3:30 in 2013.  I also have a 2013 miles goal for the year.  I would have hit this year but I took 2 months off of running to do Insanity.


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