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    JK:  Wow! What a race! To run that fast with such a short time training shows you're seriously gifted as a runner. I imagine you'll be breaking that 3 hr barrier in your next race and probably even knocking on the 2:45 door before long with some serious training.


    ilanarama: Sounds like a tough way to wake up ... 4 degree shock therapy in the dark. During summer/fall I loved running early morning and catching the sunrise but it sounds like your pre-dawn time would have been painful. My schedule is changing a bit so I'm tending to mostly run evenings so I don't think I'm going to benefit from any sunshine.


    cpett: I've been guilty of the same thing ... recovery running for a while just makes you want to drop the hammer - feels good to go fast again!


    Yesterday was a SRD for me and tonight I have 10 planned at relatively easy pace, though I'll probably throw in some strides for giggles.

    Train smart ... race smarter.


      Ilana: I hope that you start getting your feet back under you this week.  I only took a week off last week and my run last night wasn't as easy as I figured it would be.  I thought the time off would mean I'd be running fast and easy when I started back up.  Not so much.


      Cpett: What a blistering fast 6+ miler!  Holy SMOKES! 


      Ric:  I hope the 5-6 went well for you.


      Godzilla: Welcome!!!  I hope you are able to hit your goal too.  Have you run many FMs?


      Flinders: Ohh, man - I'm so glad that your PF is under control now and you are back and out running again.  That sounds like a great plan going forward w/respect to the FM and the 10 mile spring race.


      Runbo: I'm running into the same trouble w/my little ones.  A Christmas concert each week is requiring some changes to the's that crazy/hectic time of year.  I hope you did manage to get a run in after all!


      Bruce: I hope the 10 go well.  I like that you're hanging around here b/c we are likely going to run a race next year together!


      I got 13 miles in last night and I'm shooting for 12-13 today.  I did my yoga, core and Myrtl stuff too.  Training starts on Monday.  Yay!


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        runmom - I really don't know how you fit it all in.   26m in two days plus all of the other stuff.  Great job


        jedi - What are your early impressions of Daniels this cycle?


        runbo- The key is to get outside and start running before you can even think abou tea and the internet.   That way your run is halfway done before you realize it


        cpett - Sounds like you're recovered to me


        ilana  - I agree with you on the winter sun.  4F is a bit cold with or without wind


        JK - A late congratulations on a super fast race.  I have to admit I didn't follow your training close enough to see that one coming.   Yuo are already way faster than the rest us.



        Hi to jedi. Bruce, godzilla, flinders, ricG


        No running for me for a whole week and won't push it until I get my stitches out.   In the meantime, I am deciding on a spring marathon.   I really would like something in April because I don't want it too warm because this will be my BQ race.   I am leaning towards Carmel but the Wisconsin, Illinois and Martian are all in the running.   So far only Carmel meets my criteria because of location and date.    I have never done any of them before so I'm open to suggestions.

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          Jim, I've heard good things about the Martian marathon!  Plus their logo/website cracks me up.


          Bruce - summer dawn is one thing, winter another!


          runmom - I have got to get back to doing my core routine.  Tomorrow, yeah, that's the ticket.


          godzilla - welcome!  I...did not even come CLOSE to 2012 this year.


          cpetts - that looks like a tempo run to me.  Silly person.


          runbo - when it's running or work?  Work always loses.  :whistle:


          Six and almost-a-half miles for me this morning at my usual sedate pace.  I did two 8-sec hill sprints at the end - I had forgotten how much I enjoy hill sprints!  I need to start building them up again, and I think it will help me get my pace on.  BTW I didn't head out the door until it was 11am and 27F - and super-sunny, hooray!

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            Jimair: I'm running Carmel!  Come do it!  It would be great to meet you.  In the meantime, I hope the recovery is going well and that you heal up quickly!  FWIW, I was torn b/t the WI Marathon, IL Marathon and Carmel myself.  I ended up going w/Carmel b/c it's a hair earlier and gives me a chance to have a back up race on tap in case I suck it up in Carmel (Green Bay).


            Ilana: Nice job on the 6+ hill sprints today!  It sounds like you had picture perfect weather to boot.  You can't beat that. 


            Ok, now I'm just hogging the now!


              yesterday's run shortened to 4 miles. went out after dark and am way too careful, so i cut it short. of course i don't bother with running lamps or anything like that so it's my fault. today made sure i did 5 at lunch @8:00.


              runbo/ runmom - i hear you about the kids; xmas caroling tonite plus holiday perfomance manana.


              jimair - heal up; sounds like you have a good choice to make


              ilana - glad it warmed up to 27!


              jedi - nice 8 with the hill thrown in


              and runmom - those are some crazy miles you put in. great stuff.


              greetings to bruce and godzilla

              marathon pr - 3:16



                jedi - What are your early impressions of Daniels this cycle?



                Jim - I'll let you know when I get to Phase II!Smile Phase I just a lot of easy runs and this week I throw in strides 4x a week. Start Phase II on 12/31. Gonna mix it up a bit and do some fartleks tomorrow which are just like strides but longer imo. Just don't feel jumping right into quality stuff with out some lite quality first. I think any of those races be good. Nothing east coast? Gettysburg good one April 28th, but very hilly.


                mama - training starts Monday? Could of fooled me. You're just amazing with all your mileage. Board hog!Smile


                Bruce - have a easy 10m


                ilana - I'd love to run at 11am vs. 5am. I was thinking of doing hill sprints,but decided to keep to plan with strides. I guess hill sprints are sort of like strides too,


                godzilla - welcome to the group!


                Ric - I run in dark with no lamp or anything either, but keep runs in town where street lamps are for most part or right in my neighborhood.


                Thread really starting to take-off here.

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                  Jim: I'm running Illinois and it's supposed to be flat & fast. There's a group of us from church who are heading down to run it and depending on how training goes over winter (and the weather in Champaign in April) it may be my 3:30 race. Actually I'm kind of looking forward to heading down to C-U ... I did my undergrad & MS there but haven't been back to campus in years. 


                  ilanarama: Hill sprints are fun ... but even more so after you're done with them. 


                  runmomto3boys: Like you're gonna need a back-up race for Carmel. The only reason I could see that possibility is if the weather is terrible. 


                  Ric-G: I rarely used to run with lights either but I picked up a pair of knuckle lights a couple of months ago and they're really handy right now with snow on the ground & slippery conditions. Be careful out there.


                  Was able to coordinate tonight's run with a friend and it was a great 10m. We hadn't run together for over a month & it was great catching up on things during the run.

                  Train smart ... race smarter.


                    Hi, guys! Some sweet runner (mom to three boys, btw Big grin) said I should check this thread out. So here I am. Sub-3:30 is my goal this year, but I do not like pressure. In fact, I'm scared of it. So don't give me any grief if a sub-3:30 does not happen for me this year. Understood? Big grin I'll be running the Bermuda marathon in January and then Boston in April. Not sure yet where I want to put my effort. The Boston course scares me, but I just ran another full 5 weeks ago and I still feel a bit rusty, so I'm not certain about Bermuda either. Tonight is 14 slow miles. Those long mid-week runs are what I dislike the most. They are boring!


                    I'll be back later during the day to get to know you all. I work with pre-schoolers and I believe someone is in need of a diaper change. See you later!

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                      Bruce - great job getting on the 10 miler. i don't run with anyone usually basically due to I have to get my runs in early am or I don't run. father of 3 here.


                      happylily - welcome to 330land! Impressive marathon times. Did you start Boston training this week? Lot of friends started this week with Boston 18 weeks away.


                      me - 10.4m w/8x30sec fartleks thrown in. More like 21-39sec fartleks. I was trying to record them with watch hitting lap button but was not successful hitting exactly 30sec every time. Think next time just gonna wing it and do streetlamp to streetlamp kinda thing and keep it more random.

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                        godzilla - Hi! Just curious if your name was picked AFTER the Insanity. A good friend tried to get me to do some of that stuff about 8 weeks before my goal FM, and I said no way, Jose. So, I'm curious...did it help you? Did it hurt you? Did you do it for a change of pace? To lose weight? To bulk up? Warning: I'm a curious person.

                        Judging from your PR and your mileage, you have nothing to worry about in terms of breaking 3:30, and then some.


                        BruceD - Did you giggle? And do you do strides before, after, or during the 10m? Or does it depend on your desired giggle-per-HR ratio? Dunno if we've met, btw. Consider it done.


                        Runmom - Ho hum. 13M. Throw in some yoga and core and Myrtl. Yup. Easy peasy.


                        jim - glad to see you again. But I hang my head in shame, as I can't figure out just where those stitches are located. Not too private I hope. Like, what happened? I must have missed that post.


                        Ilana - Oh. 6 miles. You're on the mend then. Yay!


                        Ric - Either you're way too careful, or you run without a lamp. But you can't have it both ways. At least you got 4 in.


                        jedi - 4x strides per week? Again, when in training session?


                        Happily - Hi! Five marathons in one year...I'll admit now I'm really curious to see your training log. Sounds like you put the pressure on yourself. It's good to see your latest race was your fastest. Not that I want to pile the pressure on you yet. But I wonder if that many races in one year is conducive to running faster. Or if yanking two from your schedule might not work wonders...just thinking out loud here.


                        The run last night simply didn't happen. So I made my treadmill debut this morning. 11k in one hour, at a constant HR 135. I was at 5:23/km for about the first 40 minutes, and then had to slow, gradually, to 5:46 (10.5km/hr).  VERY interesting bit of data for me to chew on. Actually, not scientific as I don't know the exact distance. The machine reset when I went to get some water and I don't know exactly how far I'd gone at that point. So I'll repeat the test soon, and then monitor my progress. Just joined a gym, and I now see that I'll be doing HR training on it. 

                        edit: I mean on the days i run inside I will do HR type training. But 90% of my running will be outside.


                          jedi - 4x strides per week? Again, when in training session?


                          runbo - I usually do them at end of my run. Daniels says 4x a week, but going to do 3 and make other day a fartlek day like today to just get in a bit of quality. Better you than me on the TM.Smile

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                            Lily:  Yay!  I'm glad you came on over.  No pressure whatsoever...if it happens, it happens. Bermuda in January?  :sigh:  I am jealous!  It sounds like an amazing spot to run a full.  How is the weather there this time of year?  Is the course fast?


                            Ric-G: Nice job knocking out the 5 make-up miles over the noon hour. 


                            Bruce: That's wonderful that you were able to meet up w/a buddy and knock out those 10.  Remind me, what Spring race are you targeting?  You are doing Lakefront, not Green Bay, right?


                            Jedi: Woot, woot!  Great work knocking out those fartleks.  You are getting your legs back under you now!  Did it feel good to do some speed work?


                            Runbo: Nice job on your inaugural TM run.  I don't know ANYTHING about training by HR, but it is interesting to me.  I'll be interested to follow your progress.


                            I did 13 w/5 at MP last night.  Unfortunately, I can't run tonight - kiddo Christmas concert takes precedence.  I considered running this AM, but I ran pretty hard last night and my AM run would've been less than 9 hours after my PM run.  So, rest day it is.  I'm going to do easy miles the rest of the week.  Next week, I start my 18 week rendezvous with Pfitz Big grin


                              Bruce - I will check out those knuckle lights and other alternatives. I live near some foothills so parts of my evening runs have no light. Not so bad if I leave around dusk but really sucks if I leave a lot later.


                              Jedi - I say you give your streetlight to streetlight method a shot.


                              Runbo -  I've heard the TM is an (un)welcome back-up, looks like that's so. 


                              Runmom - nice 13. have fun at the xmas show


                              Welcome Happylily.


                              Nothing for me today, back at it tomorrow.

                              marathon pr - 3:16


                              Moving in ;-)

                                Hi againCool


                                runbo - One of the things i confirmed was i got good genetics for sports, there are only two marathons in Portugal, both in fall, and one month apart next year... easy on the 2:50, i know i can go sub 3 with only adding consistency to my training, but i need to take one step at a time, if i train hard and see i can go faster i will, just like now, starting thinking on 3h30 and got way less Wink


                                runmomto3boys - I started on September, when i hitted almost 180bpm to do 8:00 per mile pace XD, but i got background from previous years and i knew i could be in ok shape quickly, and i think i said to you once that when you do serious training it makes permanent changes to your body's physiology, if you stop training will only need some workouts to rapidly rise your fitness.

                                About long fast finishing runs, they are a powerful tool, a joker card, they have to be played at specific times to get maximum effectiveness... so i would recommend doing it only when you want to peak, and like one time a month, normally before a cutback week Wink


                                ilanarama - Thanks, fast or slow i think i will hang around here Wink


                                cpett - It wasn't easy, well the first 25km where, but it took alot of heart to tackle that climb for 7km at the end. Next marathon training cycle i would like to average about 55 MPW, no more, got to squeeze that mileage before going up. And this was by far the hardest training i've done in my life, don't forget i had 1h42m for HM PR, now obliterated during the marathon XD


                                Ric-G  - Thanks Ric Big grin


                                Flinders - ; )


                                jedigunnie26.2 - Good luck with Daniel's training, i like his style XD


                                BruceD555 - Thank you for your comment, about 2h45 only time will tell, and my availability to train too XDDD


                                jimair1 - Good luck with curing those stiches, you'll be back on running in no time for sure Wink


                                happylily - Welcome in Big grin


                                So yesterday finally tried the pool close to me and did about 1 mile swimming in 47m to relax, today went on my first run with a bit of stifness at the begining but quickly disappear to only feel a minor sore like after a hard train.

                                Until the end of the year, except for events i will only run with a time watch, no miles, no pace, just enjoying running, fast or slow.

                                After this test i want to say something, it might take me 2 years, 10 or 20, but i'm gonna do an IronMan,  the marathon only made me more hungry for harder challenges XD

                                Now some Pics Big grin