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    Runbo - Good work with the 5 day streak. I´m sure it´s a nice change to run in summer clothes on the TM at the gym. Hope the X country sking goes well. I´ve never done it, but it must be a tough sport. I see East Europe they´ve had real problems with the snow, esp in Ukraine, Romania. Hope it´s not too bad where you are.


    Indiana - That was a good MP workout - I´m sure it really helped your confidence even if you are just starting a plan. Good work with the tempo run. Even though those miles were a bit faster than planned, I´m sure they gave you a confidence boost. I guess you slept well that night too - it was quite a workout.


    Cpett - Good work with 40 miles. I think when longer runs are starting to feel great it´s a good sign your fitness is improving.


    Bruce - Good idea having a bit of a cutback week before 18/70. It´s a tough plan, but if everything goes well should get you the 3.30 (if that is what your shooting for)


    Jedi - Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good day. A good solid week of running. My 2c is 55-60MPW is enough for HM training. Especially if you´ve got some faster miles in there (HM-10K pace)


    Ric - How many miles are you running a week?


    JK - Wow you did a 12m so soon after your marathon! You must have recovered quickly. Good luck with your objectives!


    Flinders - 7 days of running without a break and not realizing is good going! As was the double.


    Me - Did a 15.5 on Wed, longest run since my marathon about 4 wks ago. Went well, last couple of miles I was tiring, but that was to be expected. If I want to hit 60m this week I need to do about 24 miles in 2 days. We´ll see, I should be able to. I was planning on having my rest day on Sunday, but I´m now thinking of running an easy 6m and running on Monday too as I won´t be running on Christmas day or the 26th either. Glad to report arch pain has more or less gone - looks like it was a case of needing new shoes.


    I´m planning on building and holding about 70MPW then start the last 12 wks of 18/70 at the end of Jan for my Spring marathon. I´ve never tried this approach before, but I like having a good solid base before actually starting marathon training. I know runningmama is doing something similar. Most of the 70 miles between now and the end of Jan will be lots of easy ones. Maybe in mid Jan throw in a weekly tempo run. Any thoughts?

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      flinders - interesting what you said about the double. i wonder if a HRM would have shown a spike. i know just about nothing re hrm, but it seems like many here use them


      caferey - right now i plan to run 40-45 per week. i will only get up to 55-60 in training. nice run...glad to hear the arch pain is on its way out.


      did 13 miles @8:30 this morning followed by a 1.5 mile dog walk. have a good weekend all.

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        caferey - I hope to one day run the type of mileage that you do.  I just dont know if family and work life is going to allow it.

        All - Thanks for your all of the shout outs.


        Ran 14.6 today for a planned 14.  Crazy weather had me overdressed and hot during the second half of the run.  Anyway started around 9:15 and finished around 8:40 for a 8:51 avg pace.  I feel much stronger and healthier during this second time around with Pfitz.  I hope it stays that way.

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          indiana - good to hear you're feeling stronger with Pfitz this time...nice 14


          yesterday ran 6 @7:17 and ran an easy 8 this AM. Enjoy your holiday all.

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            Hey everyone.   I've been reading about everyone's progress and lives over the holidays.   My stitches were finally removed on the 20th.   I  got back to running on the 21st.   Of course, the setback blew up my plans for 2000+ miles for the year.  This is my first full week back and I should hit 42miles.

            I am posting on RA and RW for the simple fact that that I don't want to lose touch with anyone.

            PR's:  5k 21:14 (5/11) 4 mile 28:14 (7/11) 10k 43:04 (10/11)

            10 mile 1:12:38 (4/12)  13.1 1:34:48 (8/11)  26.2 3:30:25 (12/11)


              Ok people, I guess I'm back. My brother, his wife and three kids were visiting me, my wife, and my three kids for the past 10 days, so I've been totally AWOL. I gather that's true for a lot of people. We headed to the hills for some skiing for four days, which made running impossible. But I didn't miss as many days as I thought I might have. Did a 9 mile run with my brother on Thursday which was fine, then a 9.5 miler after dropping them all off at the airport at 5 a.m. for what was one of my worst runs of the year. That included 3x 9-second hill sprints and a gym workout. Then today I did 10 miles, which went great. Took it easy for the first hour, and then ran at HR 135-ish for the remainder. Tough, but good.


              How have people been dealing with the holidays? Frankly, as expected, it was way too much food and alcohol for me. Back to morning porridge and evening salads for me as of today.

                I'm back in action as well. I had decided to take last week as a cutback week and recoop before kicking off Pfitz 18/70 (supposed to start this week). Well, I had some unexpected left shin/ankle pain (probably from running on all the uneven snow/ice/slop) so I decided to delay things by one week and took this week almost completely off. Good news is I just returned from an easy 5 mile test run outside and things felt great.

                Train smart ... race smarter.



                  I'd like to join this thread if no one minds.  Next full is AZ IMS on 2/17 but I'm targeting a 3:40 with a sub 3:30 next winter.  Just building back up mileage after a failed 3:30 attempt at Tucson in early December.  This morning I did 12 with the last 3 at MP and it felt really nice.  Plan to hit about 280 miles in January before a 2 week taper.

                  You people, have issues.



                    I'm back too. I was in New York last week visiting family. I had fun visiting friends I have not seen in awhile. I did get some running in, but not as much as i hoped so I made it a cutback week.


                    M - 6.1 @ 8:02 progression to drop-off Christmas cards to post office. Wife liked that.Smile

                    T - SRD - no running on Christmas day!

                    W - SRD as I traveled to NY and got there too late to run

                    T - 10 @ 8:31

                    F - 13.6 @ 9:00

                    S - 8.1 @ 8:09 some miles at MP

                    S - 7.25 @ 8;45


                    45 miles for week and decent cutback week as I start phase II of Daniels plan with 3 quality workouts this week. Snow and ice wrecking havoc with schedule and struggling with that, but looks like some intervals on TM tomorrow. Ugh!Smile

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                      Hey All,


                      New to here, but was formerly on the RWOL 3:30 forum.  Since a bunch of folks seem to have migrated over, thought I would join the party.  So hello to all the folks on here I know and nice to meet you to all the folks I don't.


                      Since it is the start of the New Year, thought I would re-dedicate myself to running (I have been a little bit of a slacker since my October marathon) and to posting on these forums.  Right now I have two races planned  -  the Bermuda Challenge, including the half marathon, on January 18-20 (this is more for fun than for time) and then on May 5, the husband and I are running the Vancouver Marathon.

                      I've decided to use the Pfitz 18 week/55 mile plan for the Vancouver cycle (started on Monday) in an attempt to up my miles (those who remember me from RWOL may recall my average weekly mileage was not so high for my October marathon).  We'll see what the goal time will be, but in my head I have 3:25 right now.


                      Happy New Year to you all!  Looking forward to a fantastic 2013.

                        Bruce - welcome back to action. good news about that ankle Fsocks - I'm 100% sure no one will 'mind'. Join the party! jedi - very solid cutbback week for you, I see scooter - hi to you too! It's easy to get distracted by non-running things after a race. And not always easy to get back into it I did an 8 miler or so last night, with two sub-4:20 1km tempos at the end. The first time I've run that fast in months. They didn't feel bad, but I'm feeling it today. I'm doing a 2 mile race on Saturday, so it was kind of preparation for that.

                          hello again everyone and happy new year...


                          did 12 this morning and should finish with 44 or so for the week.


                          bruce - good to hear the 5 miler felt great


                          jedi - nice cutback week


                          scooter - sounds like we'll do about the same mileage


                          runbo - how did the race go?


                          greetings Fsocks

                          marathon pr - 3:16


                            Happy new year everyone!


                            I've slacked off the last couple weeks.  The holidays put a kink in my running plans.  Playing with the kids and planning family outings took up most my time.  I only got in a few runs the past 2 weeks.  With the kids back in school now, I've had the chance to start up a descent schedule.


                            This week so far...

                            Mon 8.4M @ 8:55

                            Tue 7.3M @ 8:26


                            I am planning to hit around 46 miles this week.  I have definitely lost a step these last couple weeks.  HR is much higher then usual.  Maybe that is due to the extra layers of clothes I have been wearing or the extra pounds.  I am going to try and ramp up my miles this next month and a half before I start Pfitz 55/70.


                            Has anyone else used another marathon for one of their long runs during training?  I might do the Yakima River Canyon marathon on April 6th, which is about halfway through my training.  Probably wouldn't run it normally, but I have a friend wanting me to run it with him.  Might be a recipe for disaster since he is shooting for a 3:05.  Not even possible for me to keep up with him but knowing my competitive nature I'll probably push myself for a PR when I should just take it easy when running that distance.

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                              Fsocks: Welcome! Don't discount your pace chances in your February race ... I had good results for by bounce-back race 7 weeks after a disappointing FM at USAF. You might just be surprised.


                              Jedigunnie26.2: Good to hear you're back as well and great job on working through the winter weather.


                              Scooter1977: Welcome and it sounds like you've quite the coast-to-coast race plan this year Bermuda to Vancouver Big grin


                              runbo: Thanks & how did your race go on Saturday?


                              Ric-G: Good job on the week and the 12.


                              cpett: Hey, I don't know if the Yakima race runs a half as well but you might consider that one instead of running the full. If they both start at the same time you could pace your buddy through the half and then maybe even meet up with him again near the end of the full to encourage him again. I'd be hesitant to put a full marathon in as a "training run" just because I know I'd mess up quality runs for the next week or two.


                              Last week was a good one and I ended up just over 56 miles. Sunday morning I wasn't feeling that great but had a 16 mile LR (8@MP) planned in the afternoon. I finished the run fine but had some GI discomfort I just couldn't seem to shake. Turns out I had some nasty stomach virus/flu that knocked me flat for the past 3 days. So, this week's longest run thus far has been a speed crawl from the bed to the bathroom. Feeling better today but it looks like my mileage for this week will be off schedule.

                              ETA I did manage to get 5 on the dreadmill over lunch and 6 more outside this evening, so I'm thinking I'm on the mend.

                              Train smart ... race smarter.



                                I have not checked in a bit, but here was my week last week:


                                M - 9.3 @ 8:29 with some fartleks after i culd not get in to run on track

                                T - 6.1m @ 8:42 - first run of the new year

                                W - SRD/XT

                                T - URD - feeling under weather with cold

                                F - 9.1m @ 8:45

                                S - 11.35 w/5x1m cruise intervals - 7:10 avg pace

                                S - 10.06 @ 9:06


                                47m for week which was solid mileage even with not feeling good that one day.


                                Scooter - Hi!


                                runbo - nice speedy finish


                                Ric - solid mileage to start off new year


                                cpett - I have never run another marathon as a training run, but have friends who have done that. I think it's OK as long as you don't race it.


                                bruce - hope you're feeling better after that bout with flu.

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