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Sub-3:30 in 2013 thread...where upgrades never dare (Read 511 times)


    BruceD555:  Unfortunately there is no Half for Yakima.  I have some time to build up my mileage and once April comes rolling around I'll have a better idea on how I should run it.  My goal is to run a "comfortable" 3:30, but if after 13, it isn't comfortable I'll slow it up.  The last thing I want to do is push to hard and have a long recovery.  My 'A' goal for my June marathon is around a 3:15 so I hope I can handle a 3:30 in April.  Only time will tell.


    Jedi:  Nice work on the mileage!


    I ended out the week with 47 miles

    Th: 10.1 @ 8:26

    Fr:  7.23 @ 8:29

    Sat: 14 @ 8:06 Progressive run (1st half avg @ 8:27, last half avg @ 7:45)


    This next week I'll be shooting for around 47-50

    PRs: 10K - 45:25 (7/21/12) | 26.2 - 3:27:24 (11/24/12)

    2013 Goals: 5K sub 20 | 10K sub 41 | 13.1 sub 1:30 |  26.2 sub 3:10



      Training going okay. The above pic is from last Saturday's 12 mile trail run with some members of a local running group. Funny how I was sore after doing this 12. You do use different muscles on the trails (duh). Anyway it was a good break from the routine.


      cpett - never did a full marathon as a training run. you know yourself best...i would try to hold back but as you said it would be tough


      bruce - hope you are over the bug


      jedi - nice week along with the various paces.


      did 7 today @7:45

      marathon pr - 3:16



        Did a medium long run last night.  16 with 10 @ 8:20 and it felt pretty good.

        8 easy lunch time miles today.

        You people, have issues.

          Ric-G: Nice view in that photo. From the looks of it you probably had a good hill workout in the journey there.


          FSocks: Good job on the 16 last night and the follow up with 8 over lunch today.


          I'm back to feeling good....finished up last week with about 45 miles even though I lost two days being sick. I Ran 14 last night (after 9 LT on Tues) and part way through it started snowing these HUGE "truck-sized" flakes. It didn't really accumulate but it was beautiful to run in that weather. My legs are feeling good and it looks like I'm back in the groove for training.

          Train smart ... race smarter.


          Chief Accident Officer

            Bruce - That's a really quick bounce back if you had the flu that's going around.  Nice job on the mileage.   Snow without wind is always a fun run


            Ric - At least you were treated to a view after running that hill.  Plus a quick 7m.


            cpett - Solid progressive run.  Best of luck on the eventual 3:15 run in June


            jedi - That's really ambitious to get to 3000 miles this would be for me.   How many miles did you get in 2012.


            Fsocks - 280m before AZ shoud set you up well for a great run.


            I'm officially in for the Carmel marathon in April.   I should hit 47-48m this week for Week 13 of Pfitz 18/55+.   I've done two 4m tempos within longer runs of 8 & 9m the past two week and averaged 7:29 pace so I'm encouraged.   Work has me travelling a lot the next two months so I hope it doesn't affect my plan

            PR's:  5k 21:14 (5/11) 4 mile 28:14 (7/11) 10k 43:04 (10/11)

            10 mile 1:12:38 (4/12)  13.1 1:34:48 (8/11)  26.2 3:30:25 (12/11)



            Pace Prophet

              Hmm, Jim, you know I'm looking for an April marathon or half...


              Still running, you guys!  It's been beautiful but cold here.

              PRs: 10 1:12:59 (4/2014) 13.1 1:35:55 (10/2013) 26.2 3:23:31 (12/2013)

              bloggy stuff at

                jimair1: Yep, I was really fortunate to be able to bounce back that fast. Nice job on those tempo segments. Are you thinking of shooting for the 3:30 at Carmel if your training goes well? Work does tend to get in the way of the important stuff - running - doesn't it.


                ilanarama: There's also the Illinois marathon (and half) in Champaign-Urbana at the end of April. That's my spring goal race and I might be ready for a 3:30 attempt. (If not I'll probably shoot for it in Milwaukee in October)


                Some friends convinced me to swap out my Sunday LSR for today (Sat) so I was able to tick off 19 with them. We're supposed to get an Arctic blast tomorrow ant temps are going to dip below freezing with high winds. I may still get in a short recovery 5 or 6 but I'm thinking the swap was a good call. I should end up the week with 65ish miles (depending on tomorrow)

                Train smart ... race smarter.


                Chief Accident Officer

                  BruceD - Smart man.  I ran 17m today instead of Sunday for the same exact reason.


                  Ilana - If you come to IN bring your tiara.  Or you may force me to get to CO.

                  PR's:  5k 21:14 (5/11) 4 mile 28:14 (7/11) 10k 43:04 (10/11)

                  10 mile 1:12:38 (4/12)  13.1 1:34:48 (8/11)  26.2 3:30:25 (12/11)


                  Rusk Runner

                    Havent checked in for some time now.  Training at faster paces continues to go well and my heart rate is showing fitness gains.  I am on track for a spring marathon and have officially signed up for the Southern Indiana Classic.  Hopefully that race will find me somewhere around 3:35 and I will shoot for the sub 3:30 in the Fall.

                    18 miles tomorrow as the cold starts creeping back into the area.  Happy running everyone!

                    PRs...5K - 20:36, 4mile - 26:15, 13.1 - 1:32, 26.2 - 3:42

                    Just Run!!!


                      greetings everyone..


                      indiana - sounds like you're on the right track. good luck at southern indiana.


                      bruce - nice mileage. good call on swapping runs.


                      jimair - sounds like a good buildup. good luck at carmel.


                      fsocks - hope your training is on track;



                      did a ladder workout today at lunch...400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400. i think that's the only time i have anything as short as 400m. ran on the streets as the local track is adjacent to a middle school and school was in session.

                      marathon pr - 3:16



                        jim - only about 2300 in 2012. bad mileage year for me with busted ankles and no running for a month with pneunomia. I have a pace widget on my log for 3000m. Hope carmel training going well.


                        jedi - That's really ambitious to get to 3000 miles this would be for me.   How many miles did you get in 2012.

                        I have not checked in awhile. I ran a 5k at the very last minute last  week and ran a 20:15 good enough for a 31sec PR and 2nd in my AG. Nice to see some of the hard work payoff and has me really encouraged for my 2 HMs this spring  with only really getting started with hardcore quality. Here is my week last week:


                        M - 8.65m @ 9:05/strength/core

                        T - 9.35m w/4x200/2x400/1x800/2x400/2x200 w/2min rests on TM. Ran to and from gym for warm-up/cooldown

                        W - SRD - spin/strength/core

                        T - 9.3m w/3x10min cruise intervals with 2min rests - 7:06, 7:08, 7:09

                        F - 6.2m w/4xstrides @ 8:47

                        S - Saginaw 5k - 20:15 PR w/warm-up/cooldown 7:36m total

                        S - 12.5 @ 8;51 - tough LR with last 6m all in headwind


                        53.3m for week


                        bruce - nice job on the 19 miler


                        ilana - Gettysburg 4/28


                        indiana - sounds like training going well.


                        Ric - nice ladder workout. i did ladders for first time last week. Tough workout.

                        PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


                        Up Next:



                          Ric-G:  Looked like you could see for miles on your trail run.  Can you send some of that sunshine over to Seattle area?  To bad about the track taken up due to middle school kids.   Next time, jump on there anyway.  it will make you feel like you are an elite (4:30 mile/minute) runner. LOL!  Although it might backfire when you get one of those kids who runs like a gazelle.


                          FSocks: Nice MLR


                          BruceD555: Glad your feeling good.  It is so much easier to get some decent miles in when you are feeling good.  Did you hit your 65ish miles?


                          jimair1:  Nice work on the Pfitz training.


                          ilanarama:  Run! Run! Run!  Nice work


                          indianajagfan:  Sounds like your training is going really well.  It's an awesome feeling when you can feel/see those fitness gains.


                          jedi:  Sweet 5k PR!  And nice job for the week.


                          I've had to slow it up a bit on my pace.  Fatigue set in and has made it much harder to keep up the miles.  I think it is due to playing basketball one night a week.  I am very competitive so I always go all out and I am always all beat up afterwards.


                          After my Thursday run my legs were like lead the rest of the week.  I'll hold off on basketball this week to see how it goes.  After running the 9:00+ runs I have felt much better.  I'll stick to running at this pace while I build up miles.  Maybe throw in 1 or 2 faster runs during the week.


                          Here is my last week: (Did some doubles to make up for some missed days)

                          M: rest

                          T:  9.06 @ 8:56 HR78%

                             11.32 @ 8:50 HR77%

                          W: rest

                          T: 13.05 @ 8:31HR83% Run into work.  Very Hilly!

                          F: 6.29 @ 9:31 HR67%

                             6.00 @ 10:00 HR70%

                          S: rest

                          S: 6.20 @ 9:38 HR68%


                          Total 51.92


                          Here is a pic I took on my run into work

                          PRs: 10K - 45:25 (7/21/12) | 26.2 - 3:27:24 (11/24/12)

                          2013 Goals: 5K sub 20 | 10K sub 41 | 13.1 sub 1:30 |  26.2 sub 3:10



                            This is my last big week before a 2 week taper for IMS AZ.  Looking at 76 miles with a 22 mile long run on Sunday with some of them at MP (at least that's the plan).


                            I had a couple of good tempo days this past week but I can tell the mileage build up is taking its toll on my body.  Saturday's 10 in the rain were slow and Sunday's 18 in a misty fog was even slower.  I took Monday off and got in a good 10 tempo this morning.

                            You people, have issues.


                              jedi - congrats on the 5k pr! sounds like the training is paying off.


                              cpett - nice week even with the fatigue...maybe play some Horse instead of half-court   ;-)


                              fsocks - nice mileage; sounds like you're ready for the taper after all the hard work



                              i did about 50 miles last week and should do nearly the same this week.

                              marathon pr - 3:16

                                indianajagfan - Nice mileage and it sounds like you're progressing well towards your spring Indiana Classic.


                                Ric-G - Good choice on not barging in on the middle school track while the kids were present...some districts don't take that lightly during school hours. It sounds like you're building in some consistent miles and quality workouts as well. Keep it up.


                                jedigunnie26.2 - Nice PR and 2nd in AG at the 5k. It must be a good feeling to reinforce the training's been going well. Solid workouts there and weekly mileage!!


                                cpett - Sorry the legs are feeling fatigued but I bet you're right on the basketball sapping you for your runs. I found a similar thing last year during marathon training - I'd bike one day a week as cross training. The problem was I was making those rides too tough and they'd affect my next couple of workouts. Ease up on the hoops and I bet you'll feel better on the runs. BTW, nice photo during your run to work.


                                This week is a cutback week in Pfitz before heading into mesocycle 2, but thus far I'm really enjoying this training cycle.

                                Train smart ... race smarter.