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What was your favorite run of 2012? (Read 150 times)

    So, it's time for end of the year evaluations: My question is, what was your favorite run of the year, and why? If you're really daring, you'll try what I did and upload the map from that run (check out our group's maps section).


    Mine was an 18 mile run around Newfound lake in New Hampshire, on a hot day. I'd ridden around it tons of times over the years, but never thought I'd actually run it. It was a great run for me mostly because I did it with my brother, someone I see only once a year or so. We thought a lot about my father who ran around it a couple times before he passed away 10 years ago. It was a really hot day, but luckily we started in the morning. Saw a gigantuous moose along the way. Very memorable.



      i had to really think about this, but it was probably when I was on vacation with my family last february in Florida. We stayed at Fort Wilderness Disney resort and was able to get a good run in before we hit the parks around the resort. Really enjoyed running on the Florida flatland vs. to the constant hills all the time I run on here in central PA.

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        Oh, so hard to pick one!  But I'd say it was my PR at the Imogene Pass Run, 17.1 miles over a 13,120-ft jeep road pass in glorious Colorado fall weather, feeling awesome, knowing that my trail running skills had improved so much!

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          I don't have anything cool like Florida or Imogene Pass. But my favorite run was my half-marathon race in Dublin, OH. I executed the race the way I wanted, which left me smiling for a good 45 minutes. 

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            I ran out in Malibu when I was in L.A.  I *think* that Latigo Canyon where I went and ran is somewhat frequently run by L.A. runners and bikers, but it was a really cool road run.  I also ran some pretty fun trail runs while I was out there.




            S Army Kettle run...

              Really enjoyed this Full about an hour from where I live.  Runs on an old railroad bed thru the countryside... 3/4 mile long RR tunnel ... very small town.