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Sunny Saturday Daily 03/01 (Read 460 times)

The Jogger

    Morning Gang Out with Mrs Roy & Woody for a lovely little trail run, first we've been able to get out together now DD is over her viral infection thingy. Was a nice little run and all. Anyway: 3m 33:09 @ 11:03 pace AHR 143 66% Good Runs Alll Roy
      It's always good to see you Roy. Rest day today as we're heading out to New Port Richie. I don't know how often I'll be able to post, though I've got routes all mapped out. As we're flying over OH, KY, TN and GA (or AL), I'll stick my head out the window and wave to our running friends.....I'll be the one in the Batman shirt.


        Hey, Roy! We've been looking for you. Glad DD is feeling better now. Steve - take a detour and fly over MD, too, ok? Planned easy 5 miler turned out a little faster than I expected. Hopefully that won't hurt tomorrow's long run. It was reasonably effortless though, as evidenced by the heart rate. Workout: 4.1 miles, 8:12/mi, AHR 147 Overall: 5.1 miles, 41:52 Go racers!

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        Hill Runner

          Good morning guys, Perfect running weather here... Smile 10.14 miles of hills @ 9:00 felt very easy this morning. Two week 'til Virginia Beach...can't wait. Good running to everyone today.

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          Marathon Maniac #957

            PJH – I hope you get to see your granddaughters soon. Feel free to post pictures…. Roy – glad your DD is feeling better. SteveP – have fun! A veritable heat wave here this morning – 34 degrees! Breezy, but not the face-freezing wind…lovely…. 8.25 easy-paced miles (ave 10:03) with 5 x 100m striders, just to loosen things up. Today’s mp3 fare was Disc 1 of Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party - which I found to be delightful. The narrator’s portrayal of Hercule Poirot’s accent is quite delicious. I’m so happy I have this to keep me company for tomorrow’s 20-miler. Happy Saturday!

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              3 recovery on TM at 5-6mph with 1 minute walking break each mile...

              King of PhotoShop

                Holly, you will like that story even more when you find out at the end that it was the wife who was the murderer. Glad you are enjoying it. 3.3 on the dirt trail this morning. I will go a bit longer tomorrow but only in the walking portion. Will run just 3. I'm so glad to be home for a couple of days. I leave tomorrow for Overland, KS once again, but the good news is that my March and April are really soft months for travel. I'm looking forward to spending time with the family for spring break. Spareribs
                  I am so glad I ran my LR yesterday late afternoon and not this morning since I woke up with a head cold. 18 slow miles in snow free country roads. I ran among the apple orchards- saw three migrant workers and their families coming back to their shacks for their season work and I noticed that 2 orchards are being pull out (this is always a sad thing to see for me) SR, welcome home and I think you just spoiled Holly's anticipation to find out who is the murder. Dead SteveP, have fun on your trip. Don't forget to wave towards the west also. Holly, you are one amazing athlete, always executing your training plans to the t. Great job this week. I saw your monthly mile is way up there this month. WTG girl. what is on top for you tomorrow? Off to decorate the wedding cake, which is due at 3 pm. I sure hope the day time cold medication is going to help me to feel better to perform the task at hand. Go racers and come back to tell us your race stories.

                  "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                    Cross training day for me. I helped set-up chairs for church tomorrow (about an hours worth of walking and lifting.) The last couple hours have been spent cleaning the basement, including hauling more junk up and out. I live with 3 pack rats. And now that my short break is over, it's back to the basement. (The basement flooded last year and we are finally getting around to fixing it back up. I have to get everything stored out of the way so the workers can get there jobs done.)

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                    Renee the dog

                      Hi -- hope everyone's having a great weekend, esp. the racers! Put in 4.5 agonizing miles this morning. Had a pain in my left side that was intense for the first 1.5 mi -- if it had been on the other side, I'd have hoofed it home, swearing I appedicitis. Surprised But that wasn't the agonizing part. It was the wind. It was a warmer wind, and howling. And, I routed a new path that every 1/2 mi put me right into the headwind. BAD day to put that route on the schedule. Oh well. Gotta have a rough one once in awhile. Felt great by the finish though.

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                        Good morning everyone. A nice morning for a 10K race! I set a new PB of 48:53 finally breaking that 50 minute barrier! I'll get a race report up later today. Paul

                        Bad Case of the Runs

                          Welcome to March everyone! I took it easy for the week, not even swimming. I think I was suffering from that dreaded disease called February. I did not even want to step outside in the cold. I am so pleased March is here. We are looking at a bit of a warm up this week and it is very welcomed. I am done with grumpy old man winter. Bring on the young man of spring. I went out with the running club today and managed 4 miles in an avg. 15 m/m. I am taking the Mobic every other day and we shall see how the foot likes that. I will head out to the local running store sometime in the next couple of weeks and plunk down the big $$$ for some new, cure all that ails me and my running, shoes. Hope to dust off the new summer running duds soon and welcome the warm weather with a big hug. Can you tell the sun is shining today? Big grin BTB: I look for your posts everyday and I want to thank you for yesterdays post. Battyman: Have a great time in FLA.... Mr. Ribs: you spoiler that is NOT how it ends. Paul: Wowsa....great 10K. Congrats! Good runs and good day all.

                          Trails Rock!

                            Recovery run on tap today, with 4 easy treadmill miles. After a round of golf in perfect conditions. Too bad the swing isn't perfect to go with it. Only fair today. Nice 10K Paul! Way to go. Bill

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                              Hi Friends, A slow and painful 14 miles this morning - don't know why it was so tough. My shoes hurt, my feet hurt and I was definately overdressed! I haven't had to say that for awhile! Believe it or not Denver is hitting the 70's today - but tomorrow our high is supposed to be only in the 30's with loads of snow! Ahhh..Colorado. I hope my fellow Colorado posters are out running this morning! Hear that Wildchild????? I have started running on Saturdays with my friend from college ( I think I told you that a couple of weeks ago). I t has been so nice to reconnect on a weekly basis. We were laughing today about our 30 year high school reunions coming up - how can that be when we really only feel about 30??? I'm sure we only look about 30 too! Wink Then I remembered about all of my aches and pains today and thought hmmmmm 30 year reunion - yeah, that's about right. Hope everyone has great runs or cross training today. Ribs: enjoy your time at home !!!! Is the Saint still running? I don't see her posts anymore.

                                Great race, Paul! Nice PR! Holly - dinner with grand-daughters re-scheduled for tomorrow! SR - hope you get over this running injury soon must be going nuts ... maybe it's a good thing you're traveling a lot Easy, 40 mins, 4.3 mile run with my "mentee" (15 yr old) at the Y this morning. Not that my "mentee" ran 40 mins, but I think the fact that I ran 40 impressed him so much that he decided to run a few more laps after that. He'll do fine in a 10k relay. My goal is to get him to see the pleasure in running. He's never ran before and this is all new, including the concept of sweating and all! I think he'll make a fine runner once he gets committed. Running a HM tomorrow. Longest run since being injured. Time to test out the foot (just a little bit). If all goes well, will try and ramp up training in March. Good luck to all racers this weekend! PJ