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Stormy Sunday......... (Read 49 times)

    ....turns out

    if I hold my Breath Long Enough I only turn what  appears to be Fusha......




    ...but I digress......



    50's 30-35mile an hour Wind Gusts


    55min BikeRide



    I don't know

    what the rules are

    on Riding a Bike in 30-mile an hour wind,,,,,,,lemme just say  It was Kinda Cool....


    tried to focus on Breathing,

    but 2-2 doesn't really work on a bike


    .............good running to the rest of you,,,,,,,,,and GoodLuck to the EastCoasters,,,,,,,,

    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


      Mornin' Tom and everyone else.


      Creative coloring from breath-holding , Tomwhite! With those high winds, I hope they were at your back on most of your ride this morning.


      On long workouts (which are in the 10-15 mile range for me), I down some water and may eat some Smart Beans or a gel blok on my way out the door, but generally don't take water or anything else with me unless it's wicked hot. Seems to work OK for me.


      I went out a bit later this morning (5:30), when the sky was lightening up and I could see where I was going. I also wore my YakTraks because of the amount of snow still on the roads. Yes, you can racewalk in YakTraks, but it takes some extra effort (just like running!). I went down along the coast for a bit, and could see where the water had gone well over sea walls at high tide during the storm. In some places, rocks from those walls were on the opposite side of the street, and it was clear that bulldozers had come along to push material back off the roads. It's a good reminder that when Mother Nature gets raging, the best thing to do is just get out of the way. 7.2 miles this morning at 10F.


      DW and I are doing some more snow clean-up this morning, and hope to do some snowshoeing in the afternoon.


      Have a greta day!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        29 wind...crystal clear skies overhead...8 easy miles...


        Hope everyone on the East coast is okay...

        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

          Great running and racing yesterday!  Hugs at the finish, 20-milers, and more.


          I’m agnostic on the whole fuel/don’t fuel issue.  I used to never fuel on long runs (except for one or two to try out a gel).  Now, I tend to fuel more often, though not always.  I’ll take a gel around 8 or 9 miles into a run that’s 15 or more miles.  I suspect it’s as much psychological as anything, but I find I don’t feel sluggish towards to the end.  I tend to run my LR’s a little faster than a lot of folks, though.  That may factor into it, too.


          Retirement stuff just gives me a headache.  This is the year, though, that I consolidate different little pots of money to better track such things.


          Anyhoo…I ran a 4-mile fun race today on a new and varied course…part paved path, part gravel path, even a little muddy grass portion that we crossed several times.  I was doing it instead of doing speed work tomorrow.  Busy day so I didn’t even stick around for official results, but the finish clock read just over 28, so with chip time it should be about a 7-minute pace, which is what I was targeting.  Fun to mix it up a bit.  I jogged the course first, so it was 8 miles total.


          Happy shoveling/snowblowing to those of you covered in the stuff.  At least the weekend gives you a chance to get dug out.

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            Nursing a tiny groin strain from yesterday, so just 4 miles walking this morning at the Club.  Everything felt okay but I'm not going to run on it tomorrow either.  Rest won't hurt me.  Spareribs

            Back on Stride

              I don't know

              what the rules are

              on Riding a Bike in 30-mile an hour wind,,,,,,,lemme just say  It was Kinda Cool....

              Only if it's a tailwind, TWRoll eyes


              We finally got our 2nd biggish snow of the winter Thursday night, so have been trying to get in our favorite outdoor activities the last two days. Friday it was snowshoeing on the back trails at a local park, where we were the first ones to blaze a trail that day. Hiking in fresh, deep snow through the woods is what is really cool this time of year.


              Then yesterday we went out on our favorite cross-country ski trails, but being Saturday it was more crowded than we've been used to, especially when we got over in the corner of the park nearest to the ski rental hut. There were a number of really clueless first-timers (partly because this was one of the first ski-able snows in two years), and we were held up a few times by people afraid to go down hills or having trouble getting up them. But we eventually got back to the more isolated part and had a good ski.


              This afternoon we're off to downtown Detroit to see the DSO perform a couple Beethoven symphonies, including #5, which I've only seen performed live once before, and that about 25 years ago. Should be enjoyable.


              Enjoy the rest of your weekends, those of you who aren't busy digging out from something!

              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                No time to post today, but Tet,  it looks like St patty's dash will fit into my schedule

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                  Nursing a tiny groin strain from yesterday, so just 4 miles walking this morning at the Club.  Everything felt okay but I'm not going to run on it tomorrow either.  Rest won't hurt me.  Spareribs


                  That's something that I have trouble believing for myself, so thanks for the unintentional reminder, Ribs. Having psoas issues and sore sacrum ligament pain, which is causing all sorts of discomfort down my right leg. You'd think I'd know better than allow that to happen (again) but obviously not. Perhaps my recovery from last weekend's race is the culprit, or rather lack thereof. Either way, no running nor planking going on for me today. Now if only I knew how to not beat myself up for it all....


                    The sun is out and the wind is minimal but roads still being plowed and cars being shoveled out. But, few places to go since a parking ban is still in effect and we have limited subway service. However, we strapped on the yak trax for 2 miles while Marj, literally, ran circles around me to add a little mileage for herself. This afternoon we'll go for a walk and stop for coffee.

                      Your a wise runner Spareribs rest is always the way to go when an injury pops up no matter how small!! Rochrunner good to see a post from you!


                      A few miles today ez, beautiful day...that darn Pradaz makes running hard as it does loops in my stomach due to the acid content. I cannot wait to get off of it. Now I understand runners who have to deal with this all the time...hard to be fast and effective with this type of phenomena.


                      I am VERY happy today as my fiancee and I are working things out. It's going to be 4 years in June and I do not want to mess up the best thing in my life other than my girls! Pam is the most amazing woman and she deserves the absolute I have a few tweaks to do to get there and live the best life I can. Keep me honest guys like you do on my running.


                      Have an amazing day!!

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                         Rest won't hurt me.

                        Why oh why do we always forget this part?  Smile


                        Jay - brrrrr!


                        Tramps - nice workout and it sounds fun.


                        16 miles for me today (in 34-36 degrees) along the river trail, 13 of them with my friend Renee (she and I are doing the KY Derby Marathon in April). My legs were tired from yesterday's pace run, so it was nice to have a partner to keep me motivated, and the time passed pleasantly as we chatted and caught up.


                        Came home and did squats, single-legged deadlift squats, lunges, and planks.


                        Renee had a scare running recently on a path near her home in the afternnon - 2 guys just hanging out on the path carrying a jump rope.  After she went past, they began to chase her.  She carries her phone and called the police, and when they saw her on the phone they stopped chasing her and walked the other way.  When the police car came, Renee got in and they drove to where the men were on the path.  When the police car pulled over, they ran off into the woods.  We may be sharing some LRs for a while.

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                          Tramps, nice 4 mile race.  Holly, that's terrible that your friend got a scare but good that she wasn't hurt.


                          Nice long runs for ribs, arf, Mike, wild, and Holly.


                          This morning, it was about 20°, there was a little wind, and some packed snow/ice on the roads.  My Yaks and I got in 3 miles at a 10:35 pace.


                          A good day and good runs for all.


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                            No time to post today, but Tet,  it looks like St patty's dash will fit into my schedule

                            Dive -
                            I put away the red paint I was going to use for yesterday’s missed Valentine 5K so just look for the guy with the green-painted feet at the St. Pat’s Dash.  Since my current rest regime is entering the 30th day without much hope of a break (unless the 2/16/13 First Call Marathon works out), I’m definitely planning on The Green Day.
                            Good for holly’s friend to call the police.


                            ps - are you on the Bremerton route?  my friend went over this morning for some kind of a roots-and-rocks 50K.

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                              Not much time today  ut I see some good workouts and folks dealing with mother nature the best way possible and with a good attitude.


                              Rainy here today. Got a 13.4 with 8 at MP. Two hard days this weekend. My legs might decide to revolt tomorrow.


                              Stay safe and well everyone.

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                                Hello everybody!


                                I just finished a pretty good week of workouts.  7.1 miles on the treadmill in 55:26 for a 61 mile week.  Plus I lifted weights which gave me 4 days of weight training.  And, of course, I did my 3 minutes of planks which kept me perfect for the far.  I entered the week really worried about getting all my workouts in because I was on-call and we've been getting a lot of after hours calls lately but I lucked out and didn't get a single one.  If I get called in tonight, at least I've got my workouts done.


                                Okay--I have to take a shower and eat.