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    Morning All


    Pulled a Jay today (well almost) and got a couple of miles in at 5:30 just in case. Streak is at 92 days now and I've got several customer meetings in Ohio today.


    Are you Boston people ready for your race? It will be fun watching the Masters group conquer Boston and hopefully the heat will not be an issue this year.


    I agree Ribs. It never works that way when flying. Glad you had one that did.



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      Nice streak C-R.  I made it to 75 days once.


      I have my doctor's appointment this morning so I am just kicking back anxiously waiting to see what he thinks.  I printed off some running logs and heart rate data just in case he asks.  There is still time to get in shape for Green Bay.  (The great thing about Green Bay is that I am taking our 2 cats and giving them to my daughter.  They are supposedly her's and it is time for her to take a turn cleaning up the daily puke.)  It'll be easier to sell our house without cats around.  There is a good chance we're going to move down to Ohio and help with our granddaughter.  My daughter was accepted into a PhD program at Bowling Green State.  (i probably already mentioned that Roll eyes)


      The real reason I am stopping by early is too share a comic that almost made me spit out my coffee this morning.  what kind of twisted mind comes up with this stuff day after day?



      From The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn.

      And so it goes


        Morning All


        Pulled a Jay today (well almost) and got a couple of miles in at 5:30 just in case.Cheers.


        So did I - out at 4:30 for 3.8.  Any clues at the wildchild factor for running into a nor'easter (snow/rain/wind) with age factor - at the turn around it was almost worse with the wind behind me, because i was afraid of falling.  the only benefit was the only vehicles were the sanding trucks, so i could run down the middle of the road after they went by.


        happy runs all and may the snows melt quickly!




          Mornin' C-R, Dave, (and Marj!) and everyone to follow.


          92 straight days is right impressive, C-R! Good luck with your meetings today. Weather looks good for your flight to Boston on Sunday.


          And good luck with your doctor's appointment, Dave! I hope he can give you some good input. How nice that you'll go to help with the grandkid while your kid works on her PhD. "Twisted" is a good description...


          I'm not entirely believing our weather forecast either, Mainerunnah. They're saying 3-6" but I'll believe it when/if it happens. I hope you got your 14 in yesterday afternoon.


          TomW, I'm also wondering about a "Revenge" poolrun - could be scary, whether or not one does the Caddyshack dance.


          I hope you made it to Philly/NJ Stumpy. Getting back could be a challenge, depending on your timing.


          Leslie, enjoy the quality time with the cats and chick flicks. Are you also going to have any feline flicks?


          Twocat, glad you got around the wifi gouge. Keep up the good running, even if it's on a TM.


          Fast trip, Ribs, and you still found time for a run - impressive!


          Robin - you nailed the weather forecast: .5" or 12." Those guys don't know what they're talking about.


          Greta pacing yesterday, OM! And a good decision to stay home last night.


          I'm impressed that your cherry tree could handle the weight of the snow, Holly. Pretty pics!


          Nice intervals, Denise, and nice job of being a good neighbor. Even if those bins tipped again, you did what you could.


          4.2 racewalking miles at 4:15. I had pretty much the same wet and windy weather as yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, my hip tightened up quite a bit, and was a bother for the rest of the day and during the night. I probably could have calmed it down with some ibu., but I'd rather not take that or anything else unless I really need it. So this morning's workout was a test to see what would happen, hip-wise. It was fine once I got moving, and during the workout, and just a little achy afterward. So I spent a little quality time with my foam roller. I'm curious to see how the rest of today goes. BTW, those orthotics did go in the trash yesterday.


          Enjoy your Thursday  -  Jay

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              Good morning all. We've been having intermittent flurries here but nothing's sticking on the ground. Guess that's why this meme has been circulating on FB from my local friends:


              Spareribs, I don't know if your comment yesterday was for me (or against me) or whatever, but I'm trying to read "Running With Lydiard", and I'm finding it a bit cumbersome. I've only started it, so maybe I haven't gotten to the good parts yet. Wink


              Rest day today after another fitful night's sleep. Nothing hurt from my run yesterday (thanks for the kind words, all), just hormones waking me and making me uncomfortable. Life could be a lot worse though, so I'm grateful.


              Have a good day, all!

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                OM, no it was not against you.  I like to see people read Lydiard.  And you are right about cumbersome.  That is why he wrote the second book with Garry Gilmour because people found the first book difficult to understand.


                C-R, nice going on that streak.


                I feel bad for the northeasterners, who keep getting walloped week after week it seems. Down here our winter has been almost not noticeable.


                5 miles at a slow pace this morning. My RP's hamstring tightness continues, as does my tiredness.  I'd like to run long this weekend and hope I feel fresh by then.  Spareribs

                Jack K.

                uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

                  Hi... I have 45 easy minutes on tap for later. I am in week three of the Ryan Hall HM program and many of the runs are "minutes" instead of "run 4 miles easy" or whatever. I usually do 5 miles in that time. My left achilles is acting up for some reason; it's the first time for that. It seems I can't get a month in without some tweak or pain somewhere... quite fruststrating. Also, my brother-in-law lives in Seattle so I was considering that Light at the End of the Tunnel race but it is already sold out! Maybe next year...  Have a good day.

                    More like a melting day than a snow day here.  We got a good 6 inches yesterday but that was followed by sleet, then just plain rain.  The result was a wet, slushy mess, with snow, ice, and pools of water.  Didn't bother trying to run in it yesterday.  Today, it's warmed up and everything's melting, so it wasn't bad at all but footing still wasn't good enough to try scheduled MP miles.  I opted for an easy 12.

                      3.5 easy miles in the PNW drizzle....SpareRibs, liked your comment about reading Lydiard...need to read him myself...usually I draw up my own marathon training program...

                      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                        I was contemplating posting a pic of my cherry tree also but it's starting to bud out and I just didn't think that would be very nice. Wink


                        One of David's track coaches is running Boston for the first time. I talked with her yesterday after practice and she is so excited, but has now gotten to a point of just wanting it to be here so she can actually RUN it instead of training.  David is so over-the-top excited about the upcoming track season. Lots more kids on the team and some new, very fast kids too. He already has his dream 4x400 relay team selected. He's also wanting to run the 3000 this year, instead of 800 like he did last year. Coach was surprised and wasn't sure he wanted that, but another ass't coach, who is also the XC coach, said he's great at the distance, so hopefully he'll get to do that.


                        will get in a longish mid week run today. heading for some very nice wknd weather - sunny and 70 all wknd! whoo hoo - running and gardening. that's what I get to do!


                          ...jay//..........actually it was the BabyRuthBar in the Pool Scene........




                          but I digress.........



                          I got Squat so I guess I DON'T digress........

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                            I love that children's book!  I put it out on Facebook to spread it around some more.


                            I ran 4 at lunch.  Doctor said I am good to go.  Call if my symptoms get worse. Take a Prilosec first thing every morning for a couple months to help with the stomach issues (which could be causing the other stuff).  Come back in 8 weeks for a follow-up.  If I still have some chest tightness they do some breathing tests or something.  Tomorrow I head back to the gym to workout.  Try to get back in a groove.

                            And so it goes

                            Back on Stride

                              Good news, Dave!


                              Ran 5.something around the campus this morning with a couple of friends. Not a bad day for it, about 34 and cloudy with a few flurries, but again the "big blizzard" passed us by to the south.


                              Looks like my first event of the season (I no longer call them "races") will be the St. Paddy's Day 10K in Plymouth, MI that I enjoyed so much last year. But I'm pretty sure it didn't have a $45 entry fee. I guess we have to pay for the nice shirts and medals that they hand out (don't get me started on the subject of medals for 10K races!).


                              Happy running to y'all today!

                              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                                Bought some green socks last night to compliment my St. Pats day dash outfit.  I hope to keep pace with Tetsujin and his green feet.

                                Buckets of rain and wind, so went back to sleep.  So I hope to run at dinnertime.

                                Holly, that poor little tree!  Must be dry snow, I think the wet snow like we get around here would have bent the branches.

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